The Story From Hear

Place-Based Podcasts

August 24 - 29, 2018

The Story from Hear is a 5-day creative retreat on the power of sound, listening, and place-based podcasts. Deepen your listening and audio storytelling skills in a supportive and multi-faceted group environment. Through attentive sound walks guided by acoustic ethnographer Jenni Schine and renowned acoustic ecologist/composer Hildegard Westerkamp, sonically explore and document the unique coastal rainforest environments that surround Hollyhock. Enjoy the relaxing natural environment and opportunities for research and productive time to advance personal acoustic projects. With experienced radio producer and creative writing professor Jen Moss, you’ll receive professional feedback on your ongoing projects. 

After listening to inspiring case studies and collecting audio field recordings, you’ll have the chance to create individually-tailored audio projects, informed by the rich sonic landscape and culture of beautiful Cortes Island. These pieces may be broadcast online and via local radio. No matter your level of audio storytelling experience, this program enables you to deepen your creative and technical skills while connecting with other sound-minded professionals. So come, put your best ears forward, and mingle with other acoustic explorers and communicators from a variety of fields. Discover the socially transformative power of sound and listening in the spectacular setting of Hollyhock.

Jennifer Schine​ is a sound artist, broadcaster, and community-engaged researcher whose work explores the oral histories and soundscapes of coastal British Columbia. She is a member of ​The Kingcome Collective​, a place-based arts initiative that creates and promotes reconciliation projects between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Jenni was selected to attend the 2016 WNYC Women’s Podcast Festival in New York City, and recently produced ​Ecology of Sound: Hildegard Westerkamp​ (2017) for CBC’s Ideas series and ​End of the Line ​(2014) for CBC’s Living Out Loud series. Jenni created and co-instructs ​Acoustic Ethnography​ at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. In 2012, she facilitated a 5-day ​Sound and Listening Workshop​ with Hildegard Westerkamp at Salmon Coast Field Station, a remote research station on the coast of BC.

Jennifer Moss ​has spent nearly 20 years as a storyteller in various media. Starting in theatre, she moved into the print journalism, radio, podcasting, and digital interactive fields. Her writing revolves primarily around arts, social issues, and character-driven stories. Jen has worked extensively in radio production for both CBC and Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver. She won a Jack Webster Award for Best Audio Feature in 2010 for ​Wild Art,​ a story about an artist and recovering addict. Jen has been a writer and interactive story producer on numerous award-winning interactive projects, including ​Bear 71​ (NFB), ​Seven Digital Deadly Sins​ (The Guardian), ​Hyperlocal (CBC), ​Life on Hold​ (Al Jazeera), and ​The Last Hunt ​(NFB). She currently teaches Creative Writing for New Media, and Creative Writing for Podcasting at the University of British Columbia.

Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, educator, and radio artist. Her compositions have been performed and broadcast in many parts of the world. The majority of her compositional output deals with aspects of the acoustic environment: with urban, rural or wilderness soundscapes, with the voices of children, men and women, with noise or silence, music and media sounds, or with the sounds of different cultures. By focusing the ears’ attention to details both familiar and foreign in the acoustic environment, Westerkamp draws attention to the inner, hidden spaces of the environment we inhabit. She has composed film soundtracks, sound documents for radio and has produced and hosted radio programs such as Soundwalking, and Musica Nova on Vancouver Co-operative Radio. In her latest compositions Für Dich/For You and Liebes-Lied/Love Song, based on poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke and its translation by Norbert Ruebsaat, she explores the theme of love and connectedness with the sounds and languages of her German/Canadian existence.

CBC’s Paul Kennedy joins Hildegard Westerkamp and Jenni Schine on a sound walk through Vancouver’s downtown east side.