Finding Neutral

Pilates + Yoga for Centred Living

October 7 - 12, 2018

Embody a state of effective yet easeful strength, clarity, and confidence. Learn fundamental Pilates, yoga, and body language techniques to reset from stress-states and empower a more alive and aligned life.

Your body tells a story about your life. Stress responses and socialized programs are held in your physical body. Without conscious recognition, these body states can communicate to your outside world and reinforce feelings of powerlessness, exhaustion, and fear. In other words, as life pulls you “off centre,” the body follows. Luckily, when we return the body to an aligned and neutral state, within an awareness of our larger social context, the mental and emotional self can follow.

Find this centred state—physically, mentally, and emotionally—and discover more ease in your life. Reclaim your “power within” with a gentle balance of deep inner strength, relaxation, dynamic adaptability, and open awareness.  Learn how to approach specific life challenges by using the body to support a more aligned and empowered state of being.

In this personalized intensive, you will:

  • Learn Pilates fundamentals to support healthy posture, efficient movement, and core strength/endurance.
  • Enjoy a daily practice of Bellyfit Flow™—a dynamic mix of vinyasa yoga and dance fitness—to integrate greater adaptability, fluidity, and joy.
  • Spend your evenings relaxing with yin yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and release body tension and stress.*
  • Gain an awareness of stress-response patterns (fight, flight, freeze, fawn/friend), and how they might affect you.
  • Experience deeper connection to your body cues, especially as they relate to boundary setting, and how to communicate them effectively.
  • Experience a sense of community connection, support, and inspiration through facilitated group activities. 

*The restorative sessions will be accompanied with live music by David Yates. Relax to the soothing sounds of the handpan, native flute, didgeridoo, singing bowls, wind chimes, and more! David is multi-instrumentalist, facilitator, and performing artist who offers music for sound journeys, yoga classes, and dance events. He shares his love of didgeridoo online as Breathwood and also performs with the world fusion collective Naad

Open to all adults and most experience levels. Must have taken at least 10 pilates, yoga, and/or dance classes (of any kind).

“After having tried numerous approaches to addressing chronic and acute pain in my leg and hip, I tried Loretta’s matwork and am finally seeing steady progress and lasting results. In addition to physical technique, Loretta brings a great deal of care, genuine interest and intuition, which all contribute to an empowering and effective session. The once elusive and challenging road to healing has now become an encouraging and even exciting adventure.” -N. Marshall, private client

Loretta Laurin is a lover of movements and thrives in the juicy space where art meets activism. She has been teaching a variety of embodiment modalities for over 9 years, including yoga, Pilates, Bellyfit®, and partner dance. She also facilitates social justice workshops on topics such as gender, decolonization of the body, and consent culture. Loretta is an SFU graduate with certificates in Applied Human Nutrition, Religious Studies, and Sustainable Community Development. She is also Hollyhock’s Communications Manager and co-founder of the social enterprise Shift Delivery.

Having spent many years supporting private Pilates and rehabilitative clients, Loretta’s teaching style is highly personalized. Drawing upon diverse modalities and experiences, her workshops strike a unique balance of grounded depth and light-hearted play. Loretta currently teaches regular classes at Yoga Spirit, Tantra Fitness, and at community centres around Vancouver, BC. See her regular class schedule here.