Experience the power of the cold, the breath, and the ability to tap into your primal nature! Because we wear clothes and artificially control the temperatures at home and at work, we’ve greatly reduced the natural stimulation of our bodies, atrophying the age-old mechanisms related to our survival and basic function in the natural environment. As a result, our bodies are no longer in touch with this inner power. Reawaken your power by stimulating these physiological processes with the Wim Hof method.

Benefits of the Wim Hof method include:

  • increased energy
  • reduced stress levels
  • better sleep
  • heightened focus and determination
  • greater cold tolerance
  • enhanced creativity
  • improved sports performance
  • faster recovery

The Wim Hof method is characterized by its simplicity, applicability and strong scientific underpinning. It is a practical way to become happier and healthier. Tap into your your true nature and discover the healing power of the breath, the cold, and foundational human movement.

No previous experience necessary. Cold exposures are gradual and accessible to all.

Daniel Cortez, a strength, mobility, and breathing coach, found the Wim Hof Method many years ago and immediately saw the benefits of mindful cold exposure and breath training on his chronic illness. Daniel traveled to Poland to train with Wim in person and later became one of Wim Hof’s first U.S. instructors.

Daniel Cortez’s decade-long battle with chronic illness combined with a lifelong obsession with optimal health and performance inspired him to build a career guiding others overcome their health and fitness obstacles.

In addition to being one of the first Wim Hof Method Master Instructors in the U.S., Daniel is a Primal Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a MovNat Level 2 Trainer, and a Nutritious Movement Biomechanics student. Daniel currently teaches at Crossfit Los Angeles in Santa Monica, CA and Ceremony Meditation in Venice, CA.


In this video a woman who has been living with Lyme disease talks about her experience with the Wim Hof Method:

Check out this fun animation explaining the Wim Hof Method:

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