Journey back to the values of your village. People of all ancestries traditionally lived in a village system for thousands of years. Explore the village model and learn how you can replicate aspects of what worked so well for so long in your life, family, workplace and community. Utilize story-telling, experiential exercises, journaling and talking circle to explore your personal life and work journey. Learn which of your personal values could positively impact all your life’s relationships. Take away effective and meaningful leadership and conflict resolution skills.

One of the most beautiful and moving experiences I have ever participated in professionally or personally. I can see that it is an incredible tool for education and healing. – Past Participant

Kathi Camilleri is a Metis-Cree woman who has worked coordinating healing programs for 23 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies. Kathi works with Aboriginal Mental Health and has her own consulting business. She delivers key note addresses and webinars to encourage us to breathe life into our values as we work collaboratively to make the world a better place. Kathi facilitates strategic and personal planning sessions and experiential workshops comparing Village and machine-model systems for social workers, foster parents, health care workers, church groups, students, educators at several universities, and leaders from all walks. She presents this program at Hollyhock with her husband of 20 years, Chris.

Chris Camilleri, artist and storyteller, has been a family counsellor for 20 years. He provides support for participants as they journey through the Village experience that Kathi facilitates.

Kathi uses humour, kindness and wisdom to hold the space safely for us while we change how we see the world and how we forever interact with one another. It is easy to learn because of her gentle ways, and her respect for all people. – Past Participant

An incredibly safe space to examine values and emotions around our lives and families. – Past Participant

TUITION: $465 / 4 nights (meals & accommodation extra)

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