Enhance your movement capacity through deep introspective explorations with Body Loop resistance bands. Our days will include dynamic movement and yoga, restorative, somatic and meditative practices.

The Body Loop is a new tool developed by Diane Bruni, to heighten kinesthetic integration also known as proprioception. Proprioception is the integration of information received through cells in the skin that communicate with the brain via the nervous system. It signals where body parts are in relationship to other body parts, and how the body is moving through space. The Body Loop stimulates mechanoreceptors in the skin, thereby increasing the amount of information being transmitted to the brain, through a sensory motor feedback loop. This helps illuminate areas of weakness, injury and lack of sensation.

By creating a safe container for movement, an exploration of these ‘blind’ spots then becomes reintegrated into the whole body. The Body Loop offers adaptable levels of resistance, through easy velcro sizing options, and the increased load builds strength and stability while safely increasing flexibility. Resistance stretching is the most effective way to lengthen and strengthen muscles at the same time.

Many people describe the feelings of comfort, relaxation and calmness from using the Body Loop as live feedback during yoga and movement. It may be adapted to offer varying degrees of pressure, depending on the needs of the person. The feelings of compression and traction increase one’s sense of being present in the body, of being embodied. Some have even described using the Body Loop is like receiving a ‘big hug.’

All levels welcome, including people with existing injuries. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Diane Bruni has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. She founded Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto and was the first Ashtanga teacher in Canada. dianebruni.com

The loops are incredible teachers, I can feel and access more sensation and information about my body while using the loops, this knowledge about my body helped me self correct and find optimum alignment.  –Amy, Past Participant

TUITION: $565 CDN / 5 nights (includes Body Loops, meals & accommodation extra)

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