Summer Solstice

Yoga, Ritual, Meditation

June 15 - 20, 2018

Since ancient times, summer solstice has been celebrated as a sacred turning point in the year to honour the earth’s most dynamic time of expansion, growth and abundance. As we attune to the earth’s rhythm, we, too, have the opportunity to embody a parallel path of healing, connection and radiance.

Join an unforgettable journey of yoga, meditation, movement and shamanism towards a luminous integration of heart, body and mind. Cultivate a deeper connection to the realm of spirit and connect with a like-minded community to celebrate the gifts we can share with the world.

During our time together, experience guided meditation, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, movement practices to increase inner radiance, guided pranayama (breath work), outdoor shamanic practices, guided journal sessions, chanting, and spirit circle: sharing, visioning and fire ceremony.

The art of breath, the healing of yoga, the transformative powers of shamanic practices and the mindful awareness of meditation infuse together for a four day celebration of summer solstice.

This program is for anyone who wishes to connect with their highest self, regardless of age or experience.

Mara Branscombe was awakened to the potency of Hatha Yoga in India twenty years ago. Teaching yoga and meditation now for over a decade, Mara’s ability to hold healing space for the hearts and minds of others offers a vast landscape for transformation within. In her classes you can expect to be challenged and awakened through unique sequencing, articulate asana, grounding meditation, and enlivening pranayama practice. In her yoga teachings, Mara weaves together her background as a dance artist, her practice in the shamanic tradition, and her twenty years of experience on her mat – naturally what arises is a fluid, earthy, full bodied practice. Currently, Mara hosts international yoga retreats, fuses yoga and corporate leadership to executive teams, teaches professional athletes and artists, mentors yoga teachers, offers shamanic healing sessions and teaches classes/workshops in Vancouver.,

Mara’s understanding of the yoga practice and calming presence allows her to connect with every student and support them on their yoga journey, whether it is a class of 1 or 1,000. -Lindsay C.