Healthy Running with Mindful Strides

August 10 - 15, 2018

Mindful running brings ease to your body and calm to your mind. Learn how to move well in day-to-day activities, and balance effort with stillness.

Following the breath, thinking fades. When attention is undisturbed, a sense of spacious awareness opens. Inhale, exhale, concentrate, let go. This retreat includes daily movement practices and creative running techniques, with time for simple meditative trail running. Learn to ingrain good habits and develop a regular movement and body mindfulness practice. 

This program covers discussions and consideration of:

  • ‘healthy movement’ – everything from performance to movement in everyday life
  • habitual gripping, collapsing, tightening and holding, which prevents freedom of movement over time and limits our range of motion and ‘youth’ of movement, causing pain and injuries 
  • how we use the body determines how we function and how we age
  • how we can prevent injury and pain by thinking about how we stand, sit, walk and move every day
  • reprogramming default patterns of body alignment for more optimal and healthy movement

No experience required. Runners and non-runners welcome.

Marilyn Arsenault is a top Masters runner, mentor and coach. Marilyn discovered competitive long-distance running at an age when most athletes are considering retirement, and has since forged the kind of success many lifetime runners only dream about. Marilyn’s experience at the top of her field, her hands-on approach to teaching and her passion for seeing her runners improve, makes her creative coaching accessible, fun and focused.


Watch this CTV News story on Marilyn Arsenault’s Mindful Strides program: