Teaching at Hollyhock

Since our founding in 1982, Hollyhock has built a strong reputation for lifelong learning that attracts extraordinary teachers and participants from around the world.

About Us

We are a registered not-for-profit dedicated to social impact and cultural transformation. Each year, we offer programs in Social Innovation, Wisdom Teachings, Wellness, and Creativity at our renowned Cortes Island campus, in Vancouver, and beyond. Learn more.

When is the best time to submit a proposal?

Program proposals are best submitted from January through August of the year prior to program presentation. We are currently accepting program proposals for 2021. Do to the volume of proposals we receive, we are not able to respond to each submission. You will hear from us if your program is chosen for further consideration.

How long are the programs?

Hollyhock programs are 3-5 nights in length. 3-night programs generally include 16 hours of instructions, 4-night programs include about 22 hours, and 5-night programs include about 28 hours. We also offer programs in Vancouver: typically weekend workshops, single or multi-day trainings, or evening presentations.


Please contact KK Hodder, Program Planning Manager at kk@hollyhock.ca