Robert Gass

Robert Gass, EdD, is co-founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute and an acclaimed coach and mentor of leaders — from non-profits such as the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, and Greenpeace International, to Corporate CEO’s and socially conscious entrepreneurs, to spiritual teachers and the Obama White House.

Events with Robert Gass

The Art of Leadership
August 4, 2019

Are you committed to making a difference in the world? In social change, socially responsible business, education, politics, or community service? Learn to empower and engage others in effective action to broaden the impact of your work together. Come participate in an intensive process of discovering how who you are impacts the results you create. This internationally acclaimed program includes training in: • visionary leadership • personal mastery (managing your own state of being) • courageous conversations • building effective partnerships and high-performing teams • personal ecology (self-care) Thousands of non-profit and for-profit leaders have benefited from this unique integration…