Mark Vonesch

Mark Vonesch is a global leader in community film production. He is the Co-Founder of Reel Youth, a charitable project that has made 2,000+ films with participants across Canada and around the world. He is a sought after consultant in the field of media production and leads inter-generational programs that support leadership development and build valuable story telling and media production skills in participants.


Events with Mark Vonesch

Reel Youth Inter-Generational Film Project
August 9, 2019

The Reel Youth Inter-Generational Film Project inspires meaningful connections between youth and elders through the facilitated film production. Be featured in a film and/or learn the art of documentary film making and create a short film that celebrates the life and wisdom of an older participant. Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment program that supports communities to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about most. Reel Youth has produced hundreds of these films all across the country and are experts at engaging youth and elders in a fun way that produce authentic and meaningful films. Reel Youth facilitators are…