Kimberly Mascaro, PhD

Kimberly R. Mascaro, PhD, LMFT is a California licensed holistic psychotherapist, centering the spiritual, ecological, and the somatic. She is also a two-time nonfiction author, visual artist, meditation facilitator, and university faculty with over 20 years of professional experience in the field of mental-behavioral health. Dr. Kim is passionate about wellness and self-care, holding certifications in Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, and Integrative Mental Health. She is the author of Dream Medicine: The Intersection of Wellness and Consciousness (2021) and Extraordinary Dreams: Visions, Announcements and Premonitions Across Time and Place (2018) published by McFarland. Having been a student of both Western and Eastern Mystery Traditions for almost half of her life, Dr. Kim’s presentations and workshops are rooted in consciousness, dreamwork, mediation, and self-care. Her research on dreams has been presented and published in the USA and Europe. Contact her at ConsciousChimera.com