Paul Heussenstamm

Paul Heussenstamm is a fourth generation artist and well-known teacher. He has created more than two thousand unique and spiritual paintings, and the mandala has become his signature motif. For him, mandalas open “the doorway into the symbolic language of the soul.” So that others may uncover their own spiritual paths through art, Heussenstamm regularly leads workshops around the world and at his Laguna Beach, California studio.

Events with Paul Heussenstamm

Mandalas: Art as a Spiritual Path
September 29, 2019

The practice of painting can awaken the soul’s capacity for creativity. Transform your everyday consciousness into the inner artist that lives within you. This program is designed to introduce the possibility that you are an artist, and that the artist’s path is one of joy, insight, and awareness. In just a few days, you can finish a colourful painting that reveals many of the deep inner patterns that connect you to your soul. After seeing mandalas being created during Paul’s workshop, Eckhart Tolle commented, “These paintings carry a healing presence.” Deepak Chopra said, “These paintings are archetypal manifestations of higher consciousness.”…