Janelle Hanchett

Janelle Hanchett is an author, blogger, and mother of four. A lifelong journal writer and chronic English major (she holds a B.A. and M.A. in English), she founded a blog called “Renegade Mothering” in 2011, after the birth of her third child, because she couldn’t find anybody writing her experience of motherhood. Writing after the kids went to bed, between graduate school classes and on lunch breaks from her “real” job, Janelle is well versed in writing as a hobby and the struggle to prioritize creative work that may or may not result in financial returns.

Over the years, Janelle’s blog grew to draw hundreds of thousands of readers each month and eventually attracted the attention of a Literary Manager and Agent at 3 Arts Entertainment, who worked with her to turn a very rough first draft memoir into a book proposal, which was sold to Hachette Book Group and published in May 2018. Janelle has taught writing at the university level, and has been independently leading creative writing workshops and retreats for three years.


Events with Janelle Hanchett

Write From Power: Accessing Your Stories
August 28, 2021

What do I do with my fear surrounding writing? How do I manage criticism? How do I show up on the page in my own, real voice? There’s a common idea that a person has to “overcome” fear before she can write, that she has to banish imposter syndrome before the muse can visit her. A large, mahogany desk void of all bad vibes (toys, laundry, overdue bills) also helps nudge creativity along. I don’t know anything about such ideal conditions. I’m a mother of four who started a blog while going to grad school and working part time. I wrote…