Robert Schwartz

Robert Schwartz is a hypnotist and the author of the groundbreaking books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift. His mission is to make empowering, healing information about pre-birth planning in general – and the planning of life challenges in particular – available to as many people as possible.


Events with Robert Schwartz

Your Soul's Plan: Awakening to Your Life Purpose (Vancouver)
September 12, 2020

Discover your life plan–a plan you yourself created! Before we are born, we plan the circumstances, relationships and struggles we will experience in our upcoming lifetime. Gain greater insight into the spiritual meaning and purpose of the people and challenges in your life in this illuminating, deeply healing program. Experience your own full “Between Lives Soul Regression”, a potentially life-changing experience in which you can speak directly with your spirit guides and the Council of Elders. During the session, you move from a past life into the between-lives state in a safe, easy, natural process. With the elders, you may ask any question on…