Oriane Lee Johnston

Oriane Lee Johnston brings natural horsemanship, spiritual guidance and her years as former program director for Hollyhock to her work as educator and mentor. Horse journeys have taken her riding in the sacred mountains of Ecuador and volunteering with horses in Africa.


P.C. Charles Steinberg

Events with Oriane Lee Johnston

Horse Play for Families
July 16, 2020

Observing and listening to horses is the first step in making friends with them. Practice body language and energy, both quiet and active, as the keys to respectful communication. Learn hands-on grooming, how to halter and lead, and play joyfully in the field with the horses – with self-assurance, healthy boundaries, and empathy. Activities are on the ground, rather than riding, to build relationship skills and confidence. For everyone who longs to get close to a horse safely. For kids, 9 and up, with an adult. Limited to 12 participants. Horses respond to honesty in people…Such privileged communication creates an empathy…

Earth Wisdom, Horse Wisdom: A Nature Retreat with Horses
September 11, 2020

How long has it been since you felt kinship with life beyond your own? What does it mean to truly learn from another species? Come journey into the heart of nature with horses as our wayfinders. Horses naturally attune moment-by-moment to changes in each other and in their environment. Being in their presence rebalances humans, too, by bringing the energy fields of our hearts and brains into a state of coherence–that’s why being around them feels so good. A herd teaches us the practice of equanimity–equine-imity–to stand “in the middle of all” with true composure. Within a community of horses, we learn how…