Marilyn Arsenault

Marilyn Arsenault is a competitive runner, mentor and and has been coaching runners since 2010. She is the founder of Mindful Strides; a series of clinics that helps runners improve their form. Since then she has established herself as an effective teacher in functional movement working with both recreational runners and Olympic and national level athletes and teams including Triathlon Canada and Rowing Canada.

Marilyn took up running in her mid thirties and within five years of dedicated training she was considered one of Canada’s top distance runners. Considered a late arrival to the world of competitive long-distance running, she’s proudly represented Canada at the national and international levels and has taken home championship titles on all surfaces: track, road and cross-country. Now in her 50’s, she continues to challenge the record books and to reshape perceptions of what Masters athletes can achieve. Marilyn currently holds the 50 – 54 Canadian record in the 5km (17:43) and 45-49 records in the 3000m (9:44), 5000m (16:50), 10,000m (34:22) and marathon (2:40:19).

Marilyn’s experience at the top of her field, her hands-on approach to teaching and her passion for seeing her runners improve, makes her creative coaching accessible, fun and focused.

Events with Marilyn Arsenault

Running with Balance, Mindfulness & Strength
August 14, 2019

Following the breath, thinking fades. When attention is undisturbed, a sense of spacious awareness opens. Inhale, exhale, concentrate, let go. Learn daily movement practices and creative running techniques, with time for simple meditative trail running. Discover how to balance mobility and stability in the body to ensure a long life of strength and ease of movement. This program covers discussions and consideration of: Reprogramming default patterns of body alignment for optimal, healthy movement and healthy running How habitual gripping, collapsing, tightening and holding, prevents freedom of movement over time and limits our range of motion and ‘youth’ of movement, causing pain…