Christy Thomson

Christy Thomson is a Forest Therapy Guide Mentor and Immersions Coordinator for the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides. She is also the music program director for her local YMCA, a violinist, vocalist, and teacher.

Christy’s work in forest therapy gives energy to all other facets of her life and aids in the raising of her children, three of which are teenagers. Her forest therapy practice in Indiana works primarily with non-profit organizations, from state parks to health services, botanic gardens, landtrusts and schools. She is currently wrapping up her studies in Environmental Science and Religious Studies and will be starting her MDiv in Jan 2020 with a concentration in Ecotheology. Her primary interests include herbal medicine and its roots, discovering the many ways we can recover our relationship with the natural world, and long leisurely bike rides.


Events with Christy Thomson

The Way of the Guide: Forest Therapy
May 15, 2020

This program has been cancelled but Amos and Christy will also be presenting a special 7-day immersion this October, Alchemy of Forest Therapy: Week Long Immersion, October 18-25. Find details on Hollyhock’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic here. Way of the Guide explores a process of working in partnership with the more-than-human world to discover and nurture the unique seeds of medicine carried by each person. Supporting the growth of these seeds calls forth a constellation of gifts that is the person’s way of embodying power and beauty. For beginners as well as seasoned guides. Amos and Christy will also be presenting…

Alchemy of Forest Therapy: Week-Long Immersion
October 18, 2020

The ancient alchemists combined substances and used the influence of their own minds to study the transmutation of matter and of spirit. As experienced forest therapy guides, we have been observing something similar: when the discursive mind becomes quieter and the intelligence of the heart comes to the foreground, a new consciousness emerges. Forest Alchemy is our ongoing exploration of what happens when we connect head, heart, and body in the crucible of the forest. For beginners as well as seasoned guides. Amos and Christy will also be presenting The Way of the Guide: Forest Therapy on May 15-20. National Geographic…