Gem Salsberg

Gem’s gardening journey began when she was a little girl digging (and eating) dirt and learning about plants from her mom. She grew up in rural settings, tree planting camps throughout remote Canadian landscapes, farms, tents, hauling water and harvesting wild berries… the earth is close to Gem’s heart.

Gem has managed the large and long established organic gardens at Yasodhara Ashram yoga retreat centre, as well as private gardens, walk-in forest gardens, and she tutors gardening to beginners as well.
Seed collecting and plant rescue have been lifelong passions. Currently her personal plant forays are growing medicinal plants and heritage seeds. She hopes to acclimatize unique, rare and nourishing food and flora plants to the Pacific Northwest growing climate. Gem is also a visual artist, writer and filmmaker and approaches gardening as another form of artmaking. Her interest is in the poetics of gardening, and that each garden ecosystem is a creative living expression of every unique gardener.

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Events with Gem Salsberg

Homegrown: A Hollyhock Gardening Guide (Online)
April 1, 2021

Hollyhock has the nicest garden, I have ever seen. And the nicest gardeners!   – Margaret Dalman, 2018 Guest Join the Hollyhock Garden Team for a fresh take on growing your own garden! Centred on our Cortes Island campus – with giant towering flowers, delighted buzzing bees, and abundant ingredients for the kitchen – the Hollyhock garden has become a famous site both its awe-inspiring beauty and brilliant utility. Many come for the plants, and stay for the people – enjoying infectious laughter with our one-of-a-kind garden team. In this new at home program, throughout the season you will receive exclusive…