Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph, Squamish Nation

“My name is Willard (Buddy) Joseph – Skwetsimeltxw is my ancestral name, handed down through my late father. I’ve grown up on Squamish Nation Lands and have learned our Squamish ways from my Elders, my three great grandmothers. They were born in mid to late 1800’s and never went to residential school. They are my direct connection to pre-contact knowledge of our Squamish world view. I also had my grandmothers and mother who also handed down teachings and history of the Squamish peoples. I’ve also had the opportunity to grow up with teachings from many Elders from many of our communities who shared words to live by.”

Skwetsimeltxw is also a master weaver and the former Director of Housing & Capital Projects for Squamish Nation. In 2017, he co-authored 2017 “Salish Blankets – Robes of Protection and Transformation, Symbols of Wealth” with his wife Chief Janice George and Lesley Tepper, PhD.

Learn more about his cultural work at weavinghouse.com.

Link to Buddy Joseph’s video introduction here.


Events with Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph, Squamish Nation

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation
May 16, 2021

Are you ready to unlearn supremacy and apply Indigenous teachings to your work? Learn new ways of being from Squamish Elders and Decolonial Facilitators in this 5-day immersive training and transformation. M̓i tel’nexw Leadership Transformation is an experiential learning designed with an appreciative approach that responds to improving what is currently lacking in “cultural competency” training. Learn models of Indigenous resilience that can be applied by everyone to leadership settings now. Elders will share how the Squamish Nation has continued to thrive through overwhelming adversity while supporting their community of learners to do the same. There are teachings and love…