Kimo Hussey

Kimo Hussey is a recorded, published and highly trained musician and is among those talented few who are equally adept at instruction. This master player travels all over the world sharing his love for the ukulele with outstanding performances and sought after classes. Born and raised in his native land of Hawaii, he enjoys including Hawaiian music in his teachings. His abilities, international reputation and humour make him a beloved presenter at Hollyhock with several participants who return annually to learn with this extraordinary teacher.


Events with Kimo Hussey

Joy of Ukulele | Two Programs for Beginners and for Advancing Mastery
July 3, 2020

We look forward to offering this event next summer, July 2-7, 2021. You may also find details on Hollyhock’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic here Discover a blueprint to learning, playing, and enjoying ukulele for many years. Maximize your skill and satisfaction with this inexpensive, portable, forgiving and fun instrument that is experiencing a worldwide renaissance. The three main topics of this program – right hand technique, left hand technique, and music theory – offer you a map for ongoing continued practice and inspired playing. Players of all levels benefit from time spent with Kimo. He will oversee both beginner and…