Donna Martin & Shelley Winton

Donna Martin integrates her experience as an international Hakomi trainer and therapist with almost fifty years of experience as a yoga teacher. She is the author of Embodied Mindfulness: the Hakomi Way and the Practice of Loving Presence (with Ron Kurtz).

Shelley Winton is a Registered Nurse, yoga teacher and certified Hakomi therapist and teacher. Shelley is a co-creator of the psoma yoga trademark and has worked with Donna for many years. Her Master’s thesis explored the efficacy of psoma yoga therapy.

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Events with Donna Martin & Shelley Winton

Psoma Yoga Therapy
September 7, 2021

Sign-up to be notified when registration opens for this 2021 program. Experience a gentle body-mind/spirit healing practice. Learn how habitual tension and movement patterns may have psychological meaning, discover, and transform the roots of unnecessary suffering, and find the keys to true health and freedom. Psoma Yoga therapy is a practice for personal use or can be integrated with Hakomi (mindfulness-based assisted self-discovery) as a way to support others in their healing journey. “Soma” (from Greek) means body, and “ps” (as in psychology) means mind/spirit – psoma yoga therapy is body-mind/spirit therapy. Stress and suffering are embodied experiences. Learning about how…