Sarah Dickinson

Sarah Dickinson is a Managing Director for NOBL, a global change agency, training organizations to embrace new attitudes and adopt new behaviours. She brings 20 years of experience in designing new ways for teams to create and collaborate to push beyond boundaries, cross the streams of their discipline and achieve collective change.


Events with Sarah Dickinson

Future-Proof Leadership
September 1, 2020

You must apply before you can register. Click here to apply. Business is in a state of “permanent whitewater”: perpetually uncertain, and increasingly complex. As a result, ambitious, compassionate leaders find themselves asking: How do we adapt ourselves with greater intention and ease, and what kinds of self-knowledge can accelerate our personal evolution? How does an organization’s culture amplify or limit its people’s ability to change? How do organizations recover, persist and strengthen resilience amid disruption? And, how can we radically improve the collaboration that currently stands in the way of system-level solutions? To thrive in this rapidly changing environment, leaders…