Jennifer Moore

I sense no difference between art and existence. In this way I am an artist, as I believe we all are. In pursuit of inner vision and my own feeling tone of love, I work daily to allow creation and possibility to flow through me. I find sway and fluidity in the interplay between medium, with a focus in sonic meditation, music production, and poetry (The Well Of Sound). I seek liberation through process, and believe sharing to be an integral part of growth and healing. Love as modality is necessary. Operating from a centre that is connected to all that is, has ever been, and will be is what we have the power to do; to constantly be freeing ourselves back into balance. Finding inspiration from all types of music and sounds, I am drawn to that which brings the listener closer to themselves, and in turn all of existence. I create as a practice of freedom. I translate life into movement and sound, to affect its direction, path, and quality.

Events with Jennifer Moore

Weaving Embodied Liberation
August 2, 2020

Blessing Next to the Wound is an artistic energetic transformance co-created by facilitators Yvette Murrell, Jennifer Moore, Michelle Phillips and Hollyhock participants. This experience is deeply rooted in conjuring a liberatory vibration that integrates ritual and play through movement, story, and sound for designing intuitive loveships with ourselves, each other, and the land. Dreaming together with radical imagination toward Liberation! More details and application coming soon.