Cindy Silverlock

Cindy Silverlock is the author of the award winning book “Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousnesses through Touch”. She studied with Metamorphosis founder Robert St. John and leads trainings internationally.



Events with Cindy Silverlock

Metamorphosis: Unlocking Unconscious Tension
July 16, 2020

Metamorphosis is a profound catalyst that allows you to do your own internal process of easing unconscious tension. Unconscious tension is the chaotic energy underneath abuse, addiction, relationship issues, global dilemmas, and the inability to move past grief or trauma. A Metamorphosis treatment is non-verbal and deeply relaxing. Using gentle touch, we work on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine. You remain fully clothed during the process with the exception of your feet. Symptoms are the expression of this underlying tension, but not the source. Therefore, we do not diagnose or treat symptoms. But…