Gabriela Masala

Gabriela Masala has been steeping in universal wisdom teachings, expressive arts, and energy medicine for over 20 years. Her guidance is infused with pure love and sober clarity. She is a lover of the creative process as a catalyst for evolution and transformation. She is passionate about pioneering what it means to be fully alive and serving as ‘soul midwife’ for the birth of new paradigms.

Gabriela is a facilitator, consultant, movement teacher, author, recording artist, song carrier and principal of Source Consulting Group. Her approach is holistic, compassionate, and integrative. Her programs catalyze breakthroughs and maximize emergent intelligence.

Gabriela holds a Masters degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality. She is author Everyday Magnificent: Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life.


Events with Gabriela Masala

The Future of Children: Transforming the Educational Paradigm
July 8, 2020

Experience the new educational paradigm in ways that forge authentic inter-personal bonds, deepen intra-personal awareness, and connect with the outdoors. This work/playshop is designed to provide a seamless set of experiences that awaken new ways of teaching and learning. Explore how to create an invisible field of trust and authenticity. Instead of being driven by an agenda of bullet points, we begin by discovering the largest context we can create together, specifically designed for this moment in space and time. This creative process is guided by the synergy of the participants and by a field of consciousness that resides beyond…