Anne Pitman

Anne Pitman (M.Sc., C-IAYT, Pain Care Yoga certified) has her masters in Kinesiology and is the Director of the Ottawa School of Embodied Yoga Therapy with over 30 years of experience in training yoga teachers, teaching embodied yoga, and pioneering yoga therapy in Canada. She is a practicing certified Yoga Therapist at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre and has extensive experience compassionately accompanying people living with cancer, anxiety, depression and PTSD, as well as helping people in their ending of days, to die well.


Events with Anne Pitman

Cancer-Informed Yoga Therapy
June 29, 2020

Cancer changes us. It is, in itself, a full-time job: the immediate flurry of tests, difficult decisions and unexpected side effects of treatment. Little room or time can be given to curiosity, wondering, or slow reflection. The end of treatment, once longed for, is often surprisingly lonely. Where did everyone (family, friends, doctors, nurses, therapists, well-wishers) go? What now? What is this “more time,” – given by both treatment and heroic endurance – for? Join with community in this pause for remembering and recovery as we explore breath, movement, storytelling, and planting ourselves for the days ahead. With Yoga Therapy…