Samantha daSilva

Samantha daSilva is a professional artist and educator, living and working in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born in Brazil, daSilva was inspired at an early age by her copiously artistic family. Her grandmother, a portrait artist, her aunt, an accomplished jewellery designer, and her mother, a water colourist, all influenced daSilva to experiment with a variety of mediums. Upon graduating high school, daSilva opted out of attending art school for a career path that was ‘safer’ and ‘more secure’. But life has a magnetic force that pulls you back to where you need to be. Ten years and an array of tumultuously revelatory experiences led her back to her initial love: art.

Intent on making up for lost time, daSilva dedicated herself full-time to creating and teaching art. Her passion for abstract painting has manifested itself though prolific expressions of art on canvas and varying media. Since 2008, daSilva’s work has been exhibited in over 100 different group and solo shows including a television appearance in HGTV’s Love It or List It, a collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric, and a cover feature in Dote Magazine. As an educator, daSilva has instructed at various public & private institutions across the US, Hawaii, Canada and France.


Events with Samantha daSilva

Fearless Abstract Painting - 2021
July 6, 2021

Sign-up to be notified when registration opens for this 2021 program. The process of creating evolves into ideas – you do not need an idea before you begin to paint. On the contrary: the process of creating will evolve into an idea. Let go of fear, silence your inner critic, tune into your intuition, and explore your own artistic style in a safe and supportive environment. Using rollers rather than brushes, tables instead of easels, lots of paint and water, canvas manipulation and plaster, salt, sand, and wood shavings, you will create ethereal textured abstracts. Through these wonderfully liberating and addictive…