Chris Erickson, PhD

Dr. Chris Erickson has been practicing Tibetan based Tantra since 2014. He holds a PhD in Political Science and Masters degree in Philosophy, and is a Certified Authentic Tantra® Coach and the Senior Educational Administrator for the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education. Dr. Erickson is an accomplished Vajrayana Tantra practitioner, and one of the most advanced male practitioners of modern Tantra in North America. He is deeply interested in weaving his academic understanding of society with his wisdom as a Tantric practitioner. Dr. Erickson specializes in teaching Tibetan Buddhist Meditation theory and practice, cultivating mindful presence through pleasure, and mastering the art of semen retention.

Events with Chris Erickson, PhD

Tantra for Couples: Cultivating Sacred Intimacy
July 6, 2021

Tantra is an ancient spiritual science designed to activate, heal, and enrich every area of life. Ancient Tantric practitioners knew that deep loving intimacy and connection between couples is the cornerstone of having a healthy, prosperous, and balanced society. Unfortunately, our current society does not offer enough tools for cultivating this type of sacred relationship. “My wife and I gained skills, techniques and although we’ve both been out of school for years, having homework or more accurately “home-play” has added another (deeper) layer of intimacy to our relationship. We’ve learned to interact not only on a physical level but also connect…