Suzanne Hawkes

Suzanne Hawkes is a facilitator, leadership trainer and organizational development consultant. She has supported teams and leaders working for transformational social change across the United States and Canada for over 20 years. Suzanne incorporates an intersectional lens in her work, while centering both the inner and outer work essential to achieving racial equity.

Suzanne is a Dialogue Associate with SFU’s Centre for Dialogue, and a co-designer and instructor with SFU/Booth University’s Certificate Program in Executive Leadership, which incorporates an explicit equity framework as a core component of all effective leadership. Suzanne is also a senior trainer with the Rockwood Leadership Institute. There, she co-facilitates Fellowships for Women in Racial Justice, LGBTQ Leaders of Color, and Techquity, and serves on an internal working group focused on racial equity throughout Rockwood’s curriculum. She is a Senior Consultant with InPartnership Consulting, an Oakland-based management consulting firm focused on racial equity. There, she co-facilitated the Racial Justice Learning Lab, and is currently a core faculty member of the InDeep Racial Equity initiative for environmental philanthropic leaders.

Through her own company, Suzanne offers Beyond White Privilege, an introductory training aimed at supporting white leaders in raising their game at seeing, naming and disrupting white privilege and racism throughout their work and lives. All proceeds for this training are directed toward a sponsoring organization run by Black, Indigenous or people of colour (most recently the Hua Foundation).

Suzanne has a Master’s Degree in Resource and Environmental Management, with a focus on Indigenous resource leadership. She is certified to lead the Interpersonal Leadership Styles, Diamond Power Index, and the Intercultural Development Inventory, all tools aimed at understanding and effectively working across intersections of difference.


Events with Suzanne Hawkes

Radical Dharma Camp
June 17, 2020

Radical Dharma Camp comes to the North! Going beyond race training 101, Radical Dharma Camp is an immersive experience designed to gather and connect peoples already committed to implementing racial justice and anti-oppression interventions in their circles of community, identity, faith and vocation. Together we’ll take a deep dive into the framework and practices of a radical dharma approach to confronting white supremacy, racial injustice and the intersections of dominance and isolation that keep us from personal and collective liberation. The Camp will use games, exercises, play and practice for you to: engage across lines of difference in real-time to…