Jonas Fineman

Jonas Fineman brings over two decades of commitment to the sea to the decks of the schooner Misty Isles. From isolated surfing locales, to high seas fisheries and trans-ocean sail crossings, the nautical life and how it shapes human thought and existence has kept Jonas loyal to a life offshore. As a wilderness guide and sea captain, Jonas is honoured to serve as steward and ambassador for the waters and shorelines he holds close to his heart.

He lives on Cortes Island with his wife and two young daughters, where they own and operate Misty Isles Adventures.


Events with Jonas Fineman

kayaking Salish Shorelines: A Saltwater Journey
June 17 - 22, 2022

Join Cortes Island guides and mariners for a kayaking exploration of the Salish Sea surrounding the renowned Hollyhock Campus. Each day’s adventure offers a safe and comprehensive foray into the seascapes and histories of Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. Launching from various beaches around Cortes Island as well as from the 43 foot schooner Misty Isles, each day we will access new waters with the Hollyhock campus serving as base camp. We will explore the expansive and intricate coastlines of the gulf islands. Learn about the geology, history, and ecology as we explore coastal ecosystems by kayak. Expand your…