Lee Klinger Lesser

Lee Klinger Lesser studied Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver for 33 years. She has been leading workshops since 1976, both in English and in Spanish. She teaches in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Canada, and she sees over and over again the gift that this practice brings into the lives of so many people and into our world that is in such great need of people living with awareness, resilience and presence.

For most of her life, Lee has been engaged in a process of social change along parallel paths: Offering classes and workshops in Sensory Awareness, practicing Zen Buddhism and working towards equity and social justice for young children and their families through the field of early childhood education.

In 2008, she added a new path to her life, co-founding the organization Veteran’s Path. Veteran’s Path is dedicated to reaching out to veterans to share the practices of Sensory Awareness, meditation and mindfulness.