Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier retired at 30 and then wrote a best-selling book, Financial Freedom, about the strategies and mindsets that took him, in 5 years, from a few dollars in his wallet to a million dollars. He is a master of building wealth through paying attention to the ubiquitous opportunities for making enough money to live a free-er life.


Events with Grant Sabatier

Your Money or Your Life
September 20, 2019

Is your relationship with money limiting your choices, your work and your impact? Do you want more mastery, ease and integrity in how you earn, spend, save and give money? Join us for a powerful 5 days of transforming your inner and outer relationship with money – and set a course for having enough for life. The unexamined money life … needs to be examined, liberated and put to better use. Vicki and Grant have worked together for 2 years to help people master their financial circumstances and be liberated to put their lives in service to their values. You will come away with:…