Michelle LeBaron

Michelle LeBaron is an internationally-recognized conflict engagement specialist whose work is animated by creativity, culture and interdisciplinarity. A tenured professor of law, she has done seminal work in many types of conflict engagement including intercultural, international, family, organizational and commercial.

Michelle’s current research focuses on dialogic approaches to political and religious conflict, and on how creative approaches help shift intractable conflicts. She is also collaborating with scholars from the global south on issues of transitional justice, symbolic reparations and commemorations of collective traumas.

Michelle has been a fellow at the Trinity College Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute in Dublin, holds a Wallenberg Fellowship at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies, South Africa and taught at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Her books include Changing Our Worlds: Art as Transformative Practice; The Choreography of Resolution: Conflict, Movement and Neuroscience; Conflict Across Cultures: A New Approach for a Changing World; Bridging Cultural Conflicts; and Bridging Troubled Waters.

Events with Michelle LeBaron

Advanced Facilitation: Cultural Fluency & Collaboration (Vancouver)
November 18, 2020

fa·cil·i·ta·tion /fəˌsiləˈtāSH(ə)n/ What does ‘group facilitation’ mean to you? For some, group facilitation means the deployment of an established suite of process tools, grounded in the experience of a ‘neutral’ professional, and delivered as a service to enable groups to operate at their very best. From this perspective, the primary job of a facilitator is to support constructive dialogue, help groups engage across difference, and manage conflict. This version of facilitation places emphasis on analysis, careful agenda design, and multiple ways of nurturing collaboration. For others, facilitation connotes something much broader. From this second vantage point, facilitation is about bridge…