Tamara Teeter Knapp

Tamara Teeter Knapp, BA, is a certified K-12 Art Teacher and has a varied and extensive background in expressive arts, dance, visual arts and education.

Tamara, along with Kathleen Horne and Victoria Domenichello-Anderson are co-founders and core faculty of Expressive Arts Florida Institute, an internationally acclaimed training program and expressive arts practice.


Events with Tamara Teeter Knapp

The Landscape of Expressive Arts
May 31, 2019

Held by the pristine natural landscape of Cortes Island, explore your own inner landscape through Expressive Arts – visual art, guided meditation, movement, rhythm, writing, and sound. Tune in to Earth’s rhythms – the tides, seasons, days, moon – and feel the echoes deep within you, attuning you to yourself and discovering new possibilities for your life. “I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Expressive Art program at Hollyhock! It was wonderful to learn, explore and be open to new ways of creative expression in a very safe and beautiful environment. Kathleen and Tamara are wonderful facilitators, supporting and holding…