Namchi Bazar

Namchi Bazar developed her unique somatic approach to core wellness over 30 years as a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, Pilates instructor, 
professional dancer and mother of three. She is compassionate, sincere and enthusiastic as she helps people feel their best in their body/mind. Namchi facilitates a deep sensing and understanding of ideal function.  With this sensory approach she focuses on the core matter: strong and centred freedom of movement at full potential.

Namchi is a graduate of the Department of Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, a certified Pilates Instructor from the Structural Studies Institute in Montreal under the guidance of Rosemarie Geist, D.O., and is a certified practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling. She has taught in Vancouver, Montreal, Charlottetown and abroad working with a variety of people from the elderly to elite athletes.  Namchi’s past dance work includes performances for the Cirque du Soleil and Sayari Productions in India.



photo credit: Darshan Alexander