Rachelle Lamb

Rachelle Lamb is a recognized speaker, writer, Nonviolent Communication℠ trainer (2003) and relationship coach. She became a committed student of Marshall Rosenberg when she met him in 1999 and has since devoted her work to supporting clients learn and speak “a language of life”. She brings an earthy, practical yet innovative wisdom to her work curated over decades of study drawing from cultural anthropology, history, mythology, poetry, storytelling and deep ecology. Her synthesis of these disciplines provides a rich and fertile scaffolding for transformational dialogue and consistently produces powerful learning experiences for individuals and audiences who cite the learning as profound and life-changing.


Events with Rachelle Lamb

From The Roots Up: Relating in a Fractured World
July 13 - 17, 2022

“Rachelle facilitates community in an open, accepting way that challenges old beliefs and habits yet offers a loving way to relate to each other.” – Program Participant, 2019 Since its initial publication in 1999, Nonviolent Communication by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg has been hailed worldwide as a pioneering approach to resolving conflict and building relationships. And yet divorces, depression, and discord continue to climb. Despite our remarkable cleverness and dazzling technological ingenuity, we humans are more lonely, more stressed, more traumatized, and more divided than ever. Even the closest relationships struggle to remain strong and vital. What are we missing?…