Rachelle Lamb

Rachelle Lamb is a speaker, writer and certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. She has worked in the field of Interpersonal Relating and Conflict Resolution for over 20 years. Countless clients have learned how to skillfully navigate interpersonal conflict and challenges through her guidance and instruction, quite often leading to profound breakthrough.


Events with Rachelle Lamb

Nonviolent Communication: Relating with Heart & Understanding
May 29, 2020

Learn a deceptively simple and boldly creative approach to sustaining connection and addressing conflict—in a time petitioning for robust examples of human courage, honesty and radical empathy.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language rooted in heart and conscience and is ultimately a faithful map for any relationship struggling to find a reliable horizon in stormy seas. For lovers, leaders, and cynics alike. We don’t need experts to tell us that communication matters. Our relationships are evidence enough. We are ‘relational’ creatures and our ability to thrive and attend to life’s challenges depends significantly on our ability to cultivate and nurture…