Donna Martin

Donna Martin, is a certified Hakomi therapist and international trainer who worked closely with Ron Kurtz (the creator of the Hakomi Method) for twenty years. She was named in his will as one of seven “legacy holders” of his work and is a senior person in the international training association he created before his death, now called the Hakomi Network.

Donna has many years of experience as a body psychotherapist, stress management specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, and addictions counsellor. She has led Hakomi trainings and/or yoga retreats throughout Canada and the United States, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, South America, and Mexico. Donna has developed an original approach she now calls “psoma yoga therapy” which integrates yoga and Hakomi (mindfulness-based assisted self-discovery).

Donna has written many books which are mostly available through her website. She is the co-author (with Paul Brenner M.D.) of Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes, describing their original Family Triangles process for reviewing personal history and supporting insightful forgiveness and healing relationships. Donna also co-authored a soon-to-be published book with Ron Kurtz called the Practice of Loving Presence. 

Events with Donna Martin

Consciousness & Healing: The Hakomi Way
May 17, 2019

A body-centered and experiential form of psychotherapy, the Hakomi Method – created by Ron Kurtz – draws upon scientific, psychological, and spiritual knowledge to promote mindfulness, nonviolence, unity, and mind-body integration. The Hakomi Method is an experiential method of bodymind psychotherapy based on using embodied mindfulness for assisted self-study. The method is founded on the idea that “consciousness is choice” and that habitual behaviours are generated by beliefs, attitudes, and past experiences that are mostly outside of consciousness. By bringing into awareness the ideas that inform how we live and how we relate to others, it is possible to make…