Nicolette Richer

Nicolette Richer is a Regenerative Medicine Health Educator, entrepreneur, author, Doctoral student and speaker. She is a savvy wellness facilitator and a renowned environmental and sustainability expert, with an insatiable desire to learn and educate. Nicolette transforms people with chronic disease into conquerors of their condition through metabolic nutrition & detoxification. Nicolette informs, inspires, and invigorates, helping individuals to unlock their fullest potential and achieve peak performance.  When not busy with her business endeavors, Nicolette can be found hanging out in the mountains with her three vivacious daughters and her life and business partner, Pierre.  

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Events with Nicolette Richer

Eat Real to Heal: Boost Immunity & Reverse Chronic Disease
July 8, 2020

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. – Nicolette Richer Eat Real to Heal is a step-by-step method that shows you the art and science of using food as medicine to reverse chronic disease, one bite at a time. This new way of eating – and living – based on a 100-year-old metabolic nutritional therapy, will rebuild your metabolism, kick-start your immune system, regenerate your tissues, and reverse chronic disease from the inside out. Take your health into your own hands and learn to prevent and reverse cancer and other so-called ‘incurable’ chronic, degenerative diseases –…