Loretta Laurin

Loretta Laurin is a lover of movements and thrives in the juicy space where art meets activism. She has been teaching a variety of embodiment modalities for almost 10 years, including Bellyfit®, Pilates, yoga, and partner dance. Loretta is an SFU graduate with certificates in Applied Human Nutrition, Religious Studies, Sustainable Community Development, and Liberal Arts; and is currently working towards a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is Hollyhock’s Communications Manager and co-founder of the social enterprise Shift Delivery.

Having spent many years supporting rehabilitative clients, Loretta’s teaching style is highly personalized. Drawing upon diverse modalities and experiences, her workshops strike a unique balance of grounded depth and light-hearted play. Loretta currently teaches regular classes at Yoga Spirit and at community centres around Vancouver, BC. See her current class schedule here.

Events with Loretta Laurin

Finding Flow: Yoga, Dance, Pilates
June 23, 2019

Maintain health, fitness, and joy at any age! Enjoy accessible dynamic movement and foundational practices from yoga, dance, and pilates. Lubricate the joints, liberate the spirit, and invite more ease and flow into your life. Your body tells a story about your life. Stress patterns held in our physical bodies can cause inertia, stagnancy, inflexibility, and distress. Luckily, when we re-attune to our body’s natural flowing state, the mental and emotional self can follow. Holistic fitness requires a balance of cardio, strength, flexibility, and adaptability. Fluid movement helps to open and lubricate the joints, keeping them healthy as you age.…