Julia Kilpatrick

Pronouns: she/her

Location: Canmore, Alberta

As a member of the Canadian Climate Institute’s executive team, Julia Kilpatrick is committed to expanding support for evidence-based climate policy through compelling communications, effective collaboration, and good-faith engagement with governments, Indigenous rights holders and stakeholders. Julia oversees the Communications, Engagement and Strategic Initiatives programs, and has been instrumental in the Institute’s strategic planning, organizational development and impact measurement since it was first established.

Julia’s expertise spans best practices in climate change communications and engagement, global climate and energy policy, and the Canadian media and political landscape. Her policy depth, strategic instincts and pragmatic optimism stems from previous work in politics, the non-profit sector, and the media.

What’s something about you that would surprise others to know:

Between high school and university I spent a year backpacking around New Zealand, Chile and Hong Kong.

Organization: Canadian Climate Institute

Region: Canada

What unique role do you or your organization play in the progressive movement in Canada?

We equip peer organizations, thought leaders, the media, and policymakers with credible research, analysis and insight to support ambitious, durable and inclusive climate policy.

What part of movement infrastructure are you interested in building in the next decade?

Securing broad-based, vocal support from influential voices in industry, the private sector, labour and civil society to maintain and build on crucial climate policies.

Share a book, article, podcast, or piece of art that captures where you want the movement to go.


Mission & Mandate

We are Canada’s leading climate change policy research organization, producing the rigorous analysis and evidence-based recommendations that are needed to advance climate resilience, chart net zero pathways, and drive long-term prosperity.

Who is your audience? Who are you trying to influence and engage?

We connect directly with governments and others involved in policy development, as well as thought leaders and the news media. We work closely with experts across Canada to generate research and advice relevant to a wide range of governments, stakeholders and rights holders engaged in policy development.

One thing people might not know about your organization:

We launched the organization at the start of the pandemic—which had its challenges! In less than 4 years, our team has more than doubled in size.

A win you’re celebrating with your organization

We’re about to celebrate one year of the 440 Megatonnes project (440megatones.ca), a bilingual open-source data portal that tracks Canada’s climate policy progress.

A challenge you’re working through with your organization

Being responsive to day-to-day climate policy news and developments while advancing complex, long-term policy research focused on federal and provincial priorities.

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