Amy Ede

Pronouns: she/her

Location: ON

Amy Ede is a mixed heritage Dene woman with three years of experience providing strategic communications advice to the leadership of Indigenous national non-profit organizations. She was Director of Communications at NWAC, led the marketing for the inaugural seasons of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre, and served as Marketing Manager at Canadian North for two years. Currently serves a number of clients seeking intersectional, inclusive, and trauma-informed approaches to marketing, communications, and community engagement, solo and with Stories First, a full-service impact production media company and creative consultancy for social change

What’s something about you that would surprise others to know:

My hand plays the love interest in Partner’s Big Gay Hands, I lived in Victoria for six years, I did media consulting for Three Pines on Prime Video Canada, and I have a cat named Buffy Meowchelle Gellar. My last meal would be a rocks margarita with scallop ceviche.

Organization: Amy Ede and Stories First

Country/Region: Canada

Share a book, article, podcast, or piece of art that captures where you want the movement to go.

A Labour of Love: The Unpaid and Exploited Labour of Grassroots and Community-Based Indigenous Youth Groups https://www.a7g.ca/reports.html

Mission & Mandate

It’s my vision to empower Indigenous communities and support Indigenous priorities through:

Excellent amplification and strategy that honours culturally common Indigenous values.

Building capacity and resources within the Indigenous community by embedding opportunities into projects and initiatives.

Increasing Indigenous influence in the stories being told and work being done for thriving Indigenous communities, with a view to self-determination.

Stories First is a full-service impact production media company and creative consultancy for social change. We amplify the impact of films, content, and campaigns by leveraging technology and strategic digital communications.

Stories First messages reach distinct, niche audiences and that are progressively aligned locally, regionally and internationally. We customize service offerings to lift up the work of both movements and grassroots groups with our cutting-edge digital and networking support.

A win you’re celebrating with your organization

One year of business at Amy Ede in June. At Stories First, currently promoting Crossroads, is an interactive graphic novel game and app designed to drive social change and support caring, inclusive, and accountable communities by providing learners (grades 8-12) with opportunities to enhance and extend communication and critical thinking skills and tools to enact personal and social responsibility.

Social media handles

@amyede_ on instagram