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  • Single w/ensuite Oceanfront* – CAD $2,415.00
  • Single w/ensuite* – CAD $2,265.00
  • Single w/shared bathroom* – CAD $1,940.00
  • Couple w/ensuite Oceanfront* – CAD $3,760.00
  • Couple w/ensuite* – CAD $3,460.00
  • Couple w/shared bathroom* – CAD $3,160.00
  • Twin w/ensuite oceanfront* – CAD $1,880.00
  • Twin w/ensuite* – CAD $1,730.00
  • Twin w/shared bathroom* – CAD $1,580.00
  • Women Dorm – CAD $1,290.00
  • Male Dorm – CAD $1,290.00
  • Mixed Dorm – CAD $1,290.00
  • Tent Site Single – CAD $1,180.00
  • Tent Site Couple – CAD $2,200.00
  • Commuter – CAD $1,102.50

Date & Time Details:
Starts with dinner on July 21
Ends with lunch on July 26

Location: Cortes Island

Tuition: $625 CAD

Package Price: $1,180 - $2,415 CAD / 5 nights. Includes tuition, room, all meals, and Hollyhock activities (depends on accommodation choice). Taxes and fees are additional. A $395 deposit is required at registration, with the balance due on your departure day.

Scholarships: Full and partial scholarships are available based on financial need. We prioritize Indigenous people, people of colour, people who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, youth, elders, and those who can articulate how their Hollyhock experience will support positive impact in their life and communities. A $195 refundable deposit is required (please contact us if you are unable to pay this deposit). Apply within your registration form.

Health & Safety: Learn more about our Covid-19 policies and procedures here.

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Healing Family & Ancestors: Ritual and Resonant Family Constellations

With Jill Purce

July 21 - 26, 2021


Transform inherited patterns into magical blessings, bringing harmony, joy, and order into your daily life. Activate the unconscious field of the ancestors, making it a rich source of wisdom and illumination.

This healing program uncovers and restores aspects of the psyche that are normally closed to therapeutic methods, transforming negative patterns into natural blessings. Jill’s unique ceremonial shamanic healing rites – using chant and family constellations – heal the resonant field of the family.

Jill works with each person, resolving recurring hurts in magical and oracular ways. Under her guidance you can heal your lineage and clear the field, enabling present and future generations to receive ancestral blessings and transforming clamorous ancestors into benign allies and powerful guides.

“Jill Purce is a fabulous presenter – the work is powerful.”- Blanche Shahbaghlian, 2018 participant

When earlier family members die or ‘leave” prematurely, trapped and painful patterns of their exclusion act as magnets or attractors for later generations. By working in the present to reveal inherited dynamics, we change both past and future, restoring order within the family, even where family members have passed on. Excluded relations are reintegrated as powerful allies; relatives do not need to be living.

We will tap into “our medicine,” the gift we are to the world, embodying the gracious influence of past generations.

“The program completely changed my life. I learned how to release shadow patterns that were holding me back from being my authentic self. I no longer doubt who I am and feel open and able to express myself like I’ve never been able to before.”- Lucas Jushinski, 2018 participant

Come individually or with other family members. Effects can be immediate and bring great joy into people’s lives.


Please check back soon for a full program schedule.

Terms & Conditions

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Jill sits down with Deepak Chopra to explain the healing power of the voice:


Jill Purce
Jill Purce is a British voice teacher, Family Constellations therapist, and author who has produced groundbreaking work in the fields of music, art, and spirituality. In the 1970s Purce developed a new way of working with the voice, introducing the teaching of group overtone chanting, producing a single note whilst amplifying the vocal harmonics. Jill pioneered the international sound healing movement through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques, the teaching of overtone chanting, the power of group chant, and the spiritual potential of the voice as a magical instrument for healing and meditation. She also pioneered the practice of healing family…
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