Transportation on Cortes Island:

Please note that as an Offsite Guest, we are unable to provide Shuttle service. You are responsible for all of your own transportation needs on Cortes Island:
• Your initial arrival on Cortes Island to your accommodation
• Transportation between your accommodation and Hollyhock
• Your departure from your accommodation off of Cortes Island

Also note that there is no public transportation on Cortes Island. You should make arrangements with your accommodation for any needed transportation.

Checking in and Out:

• Please check-in at Reception in the Gateway Building before 7:15pm on your workshop’s opening day, or before 6:15pm if you have chosen to have meals with us.
• On the closing day, please check-out at Reception by 12pm.

Meals & Day Use Fee:

• All off site guests are required to pay a Day Use Fee ($22/day), which includes use of facilities, scheduled activities (such as morning yoga and naturalist events), and organic coffee, tea, toast and fruit bar.
• All off site guests also require the purchase of a meal package (lunch is required, other meals are optional).
• Please check your Confirmation Letter to confirm the meals that you have pre-booked (see the Rate line). If you have not already booked full meals, then you can book individual meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) before coming, or once you arrive. We suggest that you make your bookings at least 24 hours in advance, and as do fill up for meals. Note that any meals booked must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to the start of the meal to avoid charge.

Off Site Guest Information
Off Site Guest Information