Let your personal style – the values you believe in, the person you are and who want to become – shine through on your wedding day by making values-based decisions from the invitations you send to the location of your ceremony.

Rustic Eco-Chic Wedding — Your Style, Your Values

“Your wedding is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your style and express your personality. Far from the plastic fairytale offered by the wedding industry machine, thoughtful brides and grooms are planning weddings that are making a difference, without sacrificing style. Beyond your favourite colour and musical taste, your personal style is about the values you believe in, the person you are, and who want to become. Let your celebration be an outward reflection of your inner values and personal style.”

From the wedding dress to the invitations, from the jewellery to the flowers, from the gifts to the location, from the food to the photography, engaged couples are facing a myriad of choices and opportunities to let their values and style lead their decision making process for hosting a green and sustainable wedding. There are many new websites and blogs available online to offer helpful and insightful tips on best practices for greening your wedding including The Green Bride Guide.

When faced with the overwhelming number of choices, consider making one large, yet simple decision that will fully embrace your values and style. This decision will influence and bundle many of these difficult choices together making your planning process much easier.

Picking a location that honours your values and style often includes sustainable options for food, flowers and decorations.

Consider celebrating your wedding day at Hollyhock and let this inspirational place honour your values and style on your important day. Hollyhock offers a unique West Coast ocean-side paradise for gathering friends and family to celebrate your wedding day.

Hollyhock’s rustic-chic style focuses on the natural beauty that is all around.

Magnificent beach weddings feature breathtaking views overlooking Desolation Sound.

Bouquets and center pieces are delicately designed with the flowers from Hollyhock’s renowned garden. Delicious and mostly organic food is prepared by the loving hands of the Hollyhock kitchen team for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Hollyhock is an ideal location for a creating an intimate wedding for both small weddings and larger weddings (up to 110 guests). From March through November, Hollyhock guests enjoy cozy accommodations in hand-crafted wooden buildings and gourmet organic vegetarian cuisine. All Hollyhock guests are invited to wake up to a rejuvenating yoga and/or meditation session, enjoy an exceptional massage in our quiet bodywork studio nestled in the forest, or join our resident naturalists for morning rows and afternoon walks.

Get inspired by other wedding couples who made the decision to celebrate their wedding day at Hollyhock.

There are options for smaller weddings available this summer. Planning a bigger wedding (60-100 guests)? We encourage you to be in touch 6 months to a year in advance. The time is now to secure your wedding dates at Hollyhock.

Email Danielle Weiss to explore the possibilities of hosting your wedding celebration at Hollyhock.