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Join us for delicious meals, a massage, or yoga.
Or, explore our abundant garden and unique store.



Delight your palate with gourmet meals, lovingly prepared in the renowned Hollyhock kitchen! Organic ingredients are picked daily from our abundant garden. Meat and Seafood options are locally and sustainably produced.


Meal times & prices (included with accommodations):

  • Breakfast | 8:30am | $17
  • Lunch | 12:30pm | $23
  • Dinner | 6:30pm | $46 Vegetarian or $46 Meat / Seafood
  • Oyster BBQ | Saturdays, 5:30pm | $15
Bodywork Studio
Bodywork Massage
Massage Bodywork


Rejuvenate, breathe easy, and feel revitalized in the hands of our highly skilled, professional practitioners. Click for details and Health & Safety Protocols.

Hollyhock Massage
This incredibly relaxing full-body massage combines Swedish and other massage techniques for an extraordinary experience of peace and rejuvenation.
1 hour….. $105     1.5 hours….. $155

Deep Massage
Penetrating firm pressure and deep gliding strokes release restrictions and elongate muscles and fascia. The session includes relaxing strokes for integration and balance.
1 hour….. $115     1.5 hours….. $165

Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine. Energy (qi) flows through the body along meridians, or pathways, along which there are acupuncture points. In this session, specific points are penetrated with very thin needles in the skin, to support the flow of energy and promote deep relaxation. Our very skilled and experienced practitioner combines this ancient practice with gentle hands-on acupressure massage and Shiatsu for the ultimate healing experience. She may also employ other traditional techniques such as moxibustion and cupping. Insurance receipts available on request.
1.5 hours….. $175 initial session     1 hour….. $120 repeat session

A potent integration of relaxing massage strokes and a sequence of acupoint pressure. This session inspires deep release and relaxation, promoting Qi flow through the meridian system, opening channels for the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.
1 hour….. $105    

The intention of this treatment is to bring the body into a state of balance. By stimulating the reflexes of the feet and hands, tension is released throughout the body. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
1 hour….. $105

To book bodywork:

For questions and support call 250-935-6937 or email [email protected]



Hollyhock Store  |  9am – 4pm Everyday

Carefully selected artisan and local products, including books, clothes, jewelry, edibles, and more. Take home treasured memories of your visit and unique gifts for your friends.



Weekly activities are available for Campus guests and staff. Please book privately if you are not staying in accommodations with us.

Garden Tour
Scheduled weekly at 8:00am
Our abundant garden is open for visitors anytime. Join us for a guided tour of the thousands of birds, bees, and blooms located in this multi-coloured paradise. Get tips on gardening or harvesting – or just take a seat on a bench for a ten-minute nature meditation. For large groups or private tour requests, please contact the store.


Yoga/Tai Chi/Movement Classes
Most days from 7-8am (drop-in) or Private Booking….. $100 for private session, maximum of 4 people
Enjoy a range of yoga & movement styles or tai chi with attentive guidance from our experienced teachers. Includes yoga mats and props.

Sunrise with Seabirds
Private Booking….. $50 + $5 each additional person
Wake up to the natural beauty of Cortes, with this early-morning guided walk along the beach with Hollyhock Naturalist Bill Ophoff, and learn about the seabirds, shellfish, plants and ocean wildlife surrounding our island paradise. Bring your camera, curiosity and water shoes.


Guided Nature Walk
Private Booking….. $50 + $5 each additional person | 2 hours, 6 people maximum
Walk through beautiful forest while listening to stories about our island’s unique flora, fauna, and history from our experienced naturalist. Birds and wildflowers are at their vibrant peak.

For all activity bookings:
call 250-935-6937 or email [email protected]


Hollyhock Books in our Store and Lending Library

Search our online catalogue of the books in our small lending library in the Lodge and many of the books in our Store available for purchase.

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SUP Kayaking

Cortes Partner Activities

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
Private Booking through SUP Cortes
Imagine floating on the clear ocean water surrounding Cortes Island. Let yourself be immersed by the gentle rocking of the ocean and the fresh saltwater breeze kissing your skin, bringing calm to your nervous system.

Private Booking through Cortes Kayaks
Experience an exhilarating sunset paddle with bioluminescence lighting up your every stroke, or visit a First Nations pictograph site. These guided kayak trips require no previous experience. All are welcome.

Misty Isles Sailing

Private Booking through Misty Isle Adventures
For an afternoon adventure, board the West Coast schooner Misty Isles, a 43- foot gaff rigged sailing vessel. Tour the world-renowned Desolation Sound, where mountains rise up from the sea, or Mitlenatch Island—the largest seabird breeding rookery in the Strait of Georgia. While under sail or being powered by the quiet, fuel efficient engine, Misty Isles is environment and wildlife friendly.