Just passing through? Drop-in for a taste of Hollyhock!


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**1/2 Day Island Special**

1 Hour Signature Hollyhock Massage
Gourmet Vegetarian Lunch
Ocean View Hot Tubs
Access to Forest Trails and Beach

Only $125, taxes included
Book in advance: 250-935-6576 x 259



Hollyhock Kitchen

Delight your palate with our gourmet, buffet-style garden-fresh meals!

Our healthy organic vegetarian fare (complimented with weekly seafood and beach-side oyster BBQs) features ingredients from our abundant French-Intensive garden located just outside our kitchen door, ensuring your plate is nourished with care every step of the way. Enjoy your meal on our ocean-side patio or by the fire in the lodge!

Breakfast | 8:30am | $17
Lunch | 12:30pm | $20.50
Dinner | 6:30pm | $36 Regular or $39 Seafood
Oyster Beach BBQ | 6:00pm once a week | $9

Call 1-800-933-6339 or 1-250-935-6576 to make your reservation.

Dinner Meal Themes

May 8: Middle Eastern
May 9: Bistro
May 10: Salmon
May 11: Greek
May 12: Indian
May 13: Bistro
May 14: Salmon
May 15: Mexican
May 16: Asian
May 17: Italian
May 18: Greek
May 19: Middle Eastern
May 20: Salmon
May 21: Mexican
May 22: Asian
May 23: Salmon
May 24: Italian
May 25: Greek
May 26: Middle Eastern
May 27: Indian
May 28: Salmon
May 29: Italian
May 30: Garden to Table
May 31: Asian

Day Visit


Bodywork Studio

Rejuvenate body and mind, breathe easy, and feel revitalized in the hands of our highly skilled, professional practitioners in the beauty and quiet of nature. Offering a variety of modalities including deep tissue, aromatherapy, craniosacral, lymphatic, private yoga, tarot maps of guidance, and more. Details and Rates.

Call 1-800-933-6339 x259 or email pre-booking@hollyhock.ca

Yoga Mats


Hollyhock Store  |  9am – 4pm Everyday

Carefully selected artisan and local products, including books, clothes, jewelry, edibles, and more. Take home treasured memories of your visit and unique gifts for your friends!

Misty Isles Sailing


Ocean Adventures

From kayak paddling tours to sailing adventures aboard the Misty Isles, enjoy the wildlife from on the water. Details.

Call 1-800-933-6339 x259 or email pre-booking@hollyhock.ca

Day Use Pass

Spending the day on Cortes Island? Enjoy Hollyhock on your own schedule! Begin your day with a morning movement or yoga session. Join naturalist excursions around the island (guided hikes and rows). Take a tour of our renowned garden. Enjoy organic coffee and tea, paired with our fruit and toast bar. Soak in our ocean-view hot tubs, or stroll along our beach. Call in advance to see what’s happening the day of your visit.

$22/day Adults  |  $11/day Children
Yoga drop-in only: $10



Presenter Evenings | 8:00pm

Each season our world-class presenters offer free public presentations and performances. Donations to our Island Scholarship Fund gratefully accepted.

Wayfinding: Navigating a Life | Dan Hines

May 10 | Raven
The ancient practices of ocean navigation reveal insights about the skills needed to journey through a human life. With the help of physical storytelling with sand and stone, guided meditation, and reflective conversation, we will explore wayfinding traditions and what they have to offer us.

Eat Real to Heal: Boost Immunity & Reverse Chronic Disease | Nicolette Richer

May 11 | Kiakum
Eat Real to Heal is a new way of eating and living based on a 100-year-old metabolic nutritional therapy. Rebuild your metabolism, kick-start your immune system, regenerate your tissues, and heal your body from the inside out.

Breathing Foundations and Fundamentals | Daniel Cortez

May 19 | Lodge
Participants are invited to learn what the Wim Hof Method is, what “normal breathing” is, why it’s one of the most important things in the world to learn to do well, and two great breathing protocols they can take with them to practice at home.