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Delight your palate with gourmet meals, lovingly prepared in the renowned Hollyhock kitchen! Organic ingredients are picked daily from our abundant garden. Meat and Seafood options are locally and sustainably produced.


Meal times & prices (included with accommodations):

  • Breakfast | 8:30am | $17
  • Lunch | 12:30pm | $23
  • Dinner | 6:30pm | $46 Vegetarian or $46 Meat / Seafood
  • Oyster BBQ | 6:00pm (call for dates and availability) | $15
Bodywork Studio
Massage Bodywork


Rejuvenate, breathe easy, and feel revitalized in the hands of our highly skilled practitioners.


Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine. Energy (qi) flows through the body along meridians, or pathways, along which there are acupuncture points. In this session, specific points are penetrated with very thin needles in the skin, to support the flow of energy and promote deep relaxation. Our very skilled and experienced practitioner combines this ancient practice with gentle hands-on acupressure massage and Shiatsu for the ultimate healing experience. 

1.5 hours (initial)…$175  1 hour (return only)…$120


A potent integration of relaxing massage strokes and a sequence of acupoint pressure. This session inspires deep release and relaxation, promoting Qi flow through the meridian system, opening channels for the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

1 hour…$105   1.5 hours…$155


The intention of this treatment is to bring the body into a state of balance. By stimulating the reflexes of the feet and hands, tension is released throughout the body. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing

1 hour…$105   1.5 hrs…$155

Hollyhock Massage

This incredibly relaxing full-body massage combines a variety of massage techniques for an extraordinary experience of peace and rejuvenation.

1 hour…$105   1.5 hrs…$155

Firm Pressure Massage

Penetrating firm pressure and deep gliding strokes release restrictions and elongate muscles and fascia. The session includes relaxing strokes for integration and balance.

1 hour…$115 1.5 hrs…$166

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient physical therapy with roots in Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda. A typical 90-minute session involves assisted stretching, acupressure, and other fascial release techniques. Thai Massage takes place on a flat, firm mattress on the floor. Props like bolsters, pillows, cushions, and blankets are used to support the client’s body position.  

1.5 hrs…$155

CranioSacral Therapy

This gentle approach assesses and helps to correct stresses on the cerebrospinal system. The light, sensitive touch of the practitioner can help bring about changes that are both subtle and profound. CST can enhance immune function and core body alignment. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. 

1 hour…$105

Conscious Breathing

A powerful process of healing. This breathing technique encourages surrendering and acceptance of life through circular breath, unlocking the release of stuck energies and held emotions, opening a greater flow of life force energy. The session begins by setting a sacred container and checking in with what you’d like to take away from the session. You’ll lay on a yoga mat, fully clothed with blankets. Throughout the session I am with you holding space and guiding you back to your breath. 

1.5 hrs…$155

Sound Healing

The session begins by setting a sacred container and checking in with what you’d like to take away from the session. You will then lay on a yoga mat on the floor, fully clothed, and blankets. Throughout the session you’ll hear seven Crystal Singing Bowls, which are tuned to each chakra, along with the conch, chime, voice, and rain stick on and off your body. When different sound vibrations and frequencies are created, it impacts your body at a cellular level and energetic level.

1.5 hrs…$155


An ancient Japanese art of healing and stress-reduction, Reiki is considered by some to be the universal gift of energy renewal. This session is soothing, calming and restorative. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

1 hour…$105

Tarot Maps of Guidance

Wisdom found in the Tarot has very practical applications for life and work. Each session is unique to the recipient at this point in their life. A Tarot card reading is a Map of Guidance for navigating the terrain of your life ~ showing both the inner landscape of your soul, its expression in the outer material world, and how to best align the two. Tarot readings reveal what’s happening “behind the scenes”, a deeper purpose in times of adversity, opportunity or profound change. 

Individual 1.25 hours…$160 Relationship 1.5 hrs…$198

Cacao as Ceremony Group Session

Join in this group session with Tanya from Blossoms Raw Chocolate for an evening of history, medicinal value and the purpose of ceremony for the amazing plant spirit of Cacao. This is not a traditional ceremony but a way for you to integrate a relationship with ceremonial cacao in your own life. Ceremony has proven to calm the nervous system and unite the spirit to a sense of belonging and reconnection. blossomsrawchocolate.com ~taxes included in price shown.

Dates: Saturday; 09/27 Tuesday; 10/01 Saturday; 10/08 Saturday; 10/15 Saturday

1 hour @ CA$26.25/person

Sound Healing – Group Session

Come relax and enjoy the healing magic of the Singing Crystal Bowls with others on Thursday October 6th in Raven from 7:30pm to 9pm. As you feel and open to the sound vibration of the bowls, conch, voice, and rain stick, letting yourself be guided through a restorative journey of remembrance and connection. The different sound frequencies harmonize your body at a cellular level and energetic level calling you back into wholeness, harmony, and alignment.

1.5 hour @ CA$26.25/person


In 2009 Aiko graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver earning an Acupuncture diploma followed by Chinese Herbology in 2011. Since 2011 Aiko has been a practicing registered acupuncturist with the CTCMA using her combined knowledge to offer a targeted holistic healing acupuncture treatment based on her clients needs.


Akasa is a devoted yoga and bodywork practitioner whose work is rooted in meditation, breath, energy awareness and movement. Akasa holds a Diploma as TMC Thai Massage Teacher, RYS Yoga Instructor and has extensive training in Ayurvedic Kalari Massage and Yoga Therapy. With a Masters degree in Fine Art, his refined sense of energy skillfully facilitates the process of deep relaxation. His intent is to support the reawakening of the inherent nature of freedom, beauty and spaciousness within each of us.


Anastasia is thrilled to be offering healing sessions.  Anastasia draws on Eastern and Western massage traditions, as well as Reiki and reflexology, blending these into an intuitively guided treatment focused on your unique situation. A lifelong student of holistic health and consciousness, she is thrilled to offer healing sessions in concert with the peace and power of the Pacific Northwest.


I practice a musical, flowing deep-Swedish, as if I’m ‘dancing’ on the body. My loving presence & touch brings clients to emotional & physical integration. My style combines holistic schooling with deep intuition honed through a diversity of spiritual practices & nature adventures. More about me at my2barefeet.com. I love you.


My massage education began as an apprentice under the guidance of a professional Tui Na practitioner. I spent several years studying through careful observation and guided hands-on training. I then traveled to Thailand to cross-train in Traditional Thai Massage. After returning home, I began work as a massage therapist in northern Taipei. My time here was deeply inspiring and shaped my vision for the future. Along with Tai Chi and Meditation, I consider massage an important aspect of my spiritual practice.


Jennifer is a local highly educated massage professional & movement practitioner with over 18 years of extensive experience in touch modalities and 40 years in dance/movement. She holds a diploma in Massage Therapy from The West Coast College of Massage 2001. As a multidisciplinary trauma-informed bodyworker she uses craniosacral, myofascial & Swedish massage, gentle joint work, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, ART (active release technique) physiology of stretching & movement/dance based modalities. She teaches dance to the local community including musical theatre and contemporary dance for children. This is her 4th season at Hollyhock.


Malachi is an Esalen trained Massage Practitioner and Teacher in training who brings a wealth of knowledge from various modalities of the human potential movement. He has spent 12 years working and studying at the Esalen Institute. Other training include a continued Gestalt practice, Dance, Cranial Sacral Therapy 1, Ayurveda and Permaculture. Presence and patience lie at the core of Malachi’s mission as a Healing Arts Practitioner and Facilitator.


Shaun Roos has over a decade of experience working as a Thai Massage therapist. His formal education began as an apprentice under Chiang Mai’s infamous blind masseuse, Sinchai Sukparest. He is a proud ambassador for the Sunshine Massage Network, helping spread the teachings of Thai Massage around the world. From 2016 to 2021, he managed a private massage studio in Taipei, Taiwan. The Buddhist concept of Metta or loving-kindness is his guiding principle in bodywork. 


Sofia is the developer of Awaken to the Language of your Soul Program, creator of Empowered Love Coaching and LightCodes Healing. She has dedicated her life to personal growth, how to become leaders of love, and living in fulfillment. Through her work, Sofia invites you to access a new way of seeing and understanding life, unlocking your own inner power and wisdom, and leading your life from within. Sofia’s mission is to guide you in the remembering of your Divine Nature into your alignment and true essence

Oriane Lee

Oriane Lee combines Wisdom of the Tarot cards with Jungian psychology, leadership mentoring, horse whispering, spiritual guidance, and deep soul work. With degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology, she uses the rich images and archetypes of the Tarot as a highly useful frame of reference for understanding the world and our human experience. Many traditions and practices learned here inform her Tarot sessions for individuals, relationships, organizations and projects seeking guidance. https://orianelee.com  

For questions and support call 250-935-6937 or email store@hollyhock.ca



Hollyhock Store  |  9am – 4pm Everyday

Carefully selected artisan and local products, including books, clothes, jewelry, edibles, and more. Take home treasured memories of your visit and unique gifts for your friends.



Weekly activities are available for Campus guests and staff. Please book privately if you are not staying in accommodations with us.

Garden Tour
Scheduled weekly at 8:00am
Our abundant garden is open for visitors anytime. Join us for a guided tour of the thousands of birds, bees, and blooms located in this multi-coloured paradise. Get tips on gardening or harvesting – or just take a seat on a bench for a ten-minute nature meditation. For large groups or private tour requests, please contact the store.


Yoga/Tai Chi/Movement Classes
Most days from 7-8am (drop-in) or Private Booking….. $100 for private session, maximum of 4 people
Enjoy a range of yoga & movement styles or tai chi with attentive guidance from our experienced teachers. Includes yoga mats and props.

Sunrise with Seabirds
Private Booking….. $50 + $5 each additional person
Wake up to the natural beauty of Cortes, with this early-morning guided walk along the beach with Hollyhock Naturalist Bill Ophoff, and learn about the seabirds, shellfish, plants and ocean wildlife surrounding our island paradise. Bring your camera, curiosity and water shoes.


Guided Nature Walk
Private Booking….. $50 + $5 each additional person | 2 hours, 6 people maximum
Walk through beautiful forest while listening to stories about our island’s unique flora, fauna, and history from our experienced naturalist. Birds and wildflowers are at their vibrant peak.

For all activity bookings:
call 250-935-6937 or email store@hollyhock.ca


Cortes Partner Activities

Kayaking with Cortes Kayaks
Experience an exhilarating sunset paddle with bioluminescence lighting up your every stroke, or visit a First Nations pictograph site. These guided kayak trips require no previous experience. All are welcome.

Paddle beneath the stars while the ocean illuminates our way. These tiny phytoplankton are often described as the stars of the sea. We will launch from Manson’s Lagoon, watch the end of the sunset and then experience the magic of the bioluminescence. **This trip departs from Mansons Lagoon. Shuttle availble for a fee.

 3 hours @ CA$80.00 

Cortes Kayaks certified, naturalist guides will lead you on an ecological tour of the surrounding bays, lagoon, and islets. Kayaking out to the nearby Kitten and Cat islets, will give us the view of the mountain sunset. We will watch the sun fall behind the mountains, and the sky light up with the yellow, pink and orange hues of summer sunsets. As we paddle, we will look and listen for the biodiverse wildlife of coastal BC. *This trip departs from Mansons Lagoon. Shuttle availble for a fee.

3 hours @ CA$80.00

On our afternoon kayaking adventures our certified naturalist guides will lead you on an afternoon exploration of the surrounding bays, islands, and calm waters. Weather depending, there may be an opportunity to kayak to a water access lake, and hike in for a freshwater swim! Midway through the paddle we will stop for a snack and swim break at a sheltered beach. As we kayak along the coastline of Cortes, we will observe the incredible biodiversity the intertidal ecosystem has to offer.
4 hours @ CA$90.00 

For questions and support call 250-935-6937 or email store@hollyhock.ca

Misty Isles Sailing

Sailing with Misty Isle Adventures
For an afternoon adventure, board the West Coast schooner Misty Isles, a 43- foot gaff rigged sailing vessel. Tour the world-renowned Desolation Sound, where mountains rise up from the sea, or Mitlenatch Island—the largest seabird breeding rookery in the Strait of Georgia. While under sail or being powered by the quiet, fuel efficient engine, Misty Isles is environment and wildlife friendly.

Mitlenatch Island has been a protected Provincial Nature Park since 1961. Each spring there is a continuous progression in the blooming of wildflowers; Starting with Sea Blush and Blue Eyed Mary in April, on in to Chocolate Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Common Camas, Death Camas and Prickly Pear Cactus in high summer. The island also hosts the largest seabird breeding colony in the Straits of Georgia, largely because the ocean around it provides both a barrier from most predators and a generous supply of food.

5 hours @ CA$125.00 

Desolation Sound is a place of magnificent beauty, where mountains rise up from the sea in the deeply cut glacial fjords. Mount Denman dominates the scene, towering more than a mile high above narrow channels which have depths of over 2000 feet. It is a rugged coast, offset by warm sea temperatures, picturesque anchorages, and a mild climate, which make it a world class boating and sea kayaking destination.

5 hours @ CA$125.00 

For questions and support call 250-935-6937 or email store@hollyhock.ca


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
Private Booking through SUP Cortes
Imagine floating on the clear ocean water surrounding Cortes Island. Let yourself be immersed by the gentle rocking of the ocean and the fresh saltwater breeze kissing your skin, bringing calm to your nervous system.


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