Geopoetics Artists’ Residency

April 18 - 22, 2020
Cortes Island
This self-directed residency offers uninterrupted time for artists, writers, and scholars to work in a community of creative practice, under the theme of geopoetics. Participants will gather for meals and optional workshops/showings/talks, and are also free to completely focus on their own work.

Mother, Daughter & the Divine

With Patricia Höglund and Maeve Höglund

May 10 - 15, 2020
Cortes Island
Uncover the mystical magic that can arise in the bond of the mother-daughter relationship. Whether your connection needs healing, deepening, or celebrating, we will journey through rediscovering the divine feminine that is yearning to be unearthed and brought to the forefront of everyday life.

Joy of Ukulele | Two Programs for Beginners and for Advancing Mastery

With Kimo Hussey

July 3 - 8, 2020
Cortes Island
Move beyond basic ukulele technique and establish effective practice strategies to master this joyful instrument. Explore fretboard geography, embellished chords, signature progressions, melodies, harmonies, and critical listening. Kanikapalu (jam sessions) and optional hula lessons culminate in a final performance.

Healing Family & Ancestors: Ritual and Resonant Family Constellations

With Jill Purce

July 24 - 29, 2020
Cortes Island
Transform inherited patterns into magical blessings. Jill’s unique ceremonial, shamanic healing rites, using chant and family constellations, restore coherence within family fields in oracular ways, unavailable in normal therapy. Excluded relations are reintegrated as powerful allies. Relatives do not need to be living. Individuals and families welcome.

Song of the Drum, Dance of Life

With Gordy Ryan and Zoë Ryan

July 24 - 29, 2020
Bumbamba! Join us in a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the music and dance of the Olatunji Drums of Passion at Hollyhock. Activate the fire in your hands, the beat in your feet, and the song in your heart on a soulful journey to the well of inspiration in our reunion at the Olatunji Hall.

Singing in the Vocal River

With Rhiannon

July 28 - August 2, 2020
Rhiannon’s expertise lies with the connection between body and voice, teaching the invention of melody, harmony, rhythm, language, and story while guiding the singer towards the heart and soul of their musical self.

Building a Vocal Community™

With Ysaÿe Barnwell, PhD

July 30 - August 2, 2020
An awesome power emerges when uncommon voices are blended for the common good. Experience traditional African music, African American spirituals, and civil rights anthems while learning about their extraordinary historical, social, and political context. Everyone welcome.

Weaving Embodied Liberation

With Yvette Murrell, Jennifer Moore and Michelle Phillips

August 2 - 7, 2020
Cortes Island
Conjure a liberatory vibration that integrates ritual and play. Co-create movement, story, and sound for designing intuitive loveships with ourselves, each other, and the land. Let’s dream together with radical imagination toward Liberation!

Spoken Song: Discover Your Musical Mind

With Chloë Goodchild and Rebecca Nash

August 7 - 12, 2020
Cortes Island
Discover the art of spoken and sung voice as creative metaphors for everyday life. Experience the richness of your own authentic vocal expression; inspired by improvisation, world music, classical, jazz, folk, ecstatic poetry, devotional chant, breathwork, and a shared love of silence. For amateurs and professionals alike.

A Journey of Sound, Movement & Breath

With Michael Mayzel & Ayi Wong and Maria Filippone

September 1 - 6, 2020
Cortes Island
Connect to your inner process with therapeutic Sound Journeys, and learn about the foundations of sound healing. Enjoy grounding and dynamic yoga practices, and combine chanting with movement. Auditory vibration, movement, stillness, and breath provide the groundwork for healing and transformation.