Looking to plan ahead? See below for an up-to-date listing of our confirmed 2018 programs!

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Dates are subject to change. A $395 CDN refundable deposit is required at time of registration. You will be sent a confirmation letter in January with firm costs and dates. Full program details will be available on Dec 1.


Social Innovation


May 23 May 27 Bill Weaver, Tracey Freisen & Sue Biely Media That Matters
May 27 Jun 1 Hollyhock Activate: digital leadership
Jun 20 Jun 24 Hollyhock Social Change Institute
Jul 22 Jul 27 Rick Ingrasci & Peggy Taylor Summer Gathering: Navigating the Tides of Change
Sep 7 Sep 12 Hollyhock Climate + Spirit: Living the Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change


Jun 6 Jun 10 Dan Hines The Activist as Mystic
Jun 10 Jun 15 Gibrán Rivera Evolutionary Leadership
Jun 15 Jun 20 Gibrán Rivera Evolutionary Leadership – Graduate Program
Jun 24 Jun 29 Reverend angel Kyodo williams Radical Dharma: The Conversation
Jul 22 Jul 27 Kim Haxton IndigenEYEZ Leadership Essentials
Aug 15 Aug 20 Robert Gass The Art of Leadership
Aug 29 Sep 2 David Baum Walk2Talk: Moving Conversations

Skills Training

May 13 May 18 Rachelle Lamb Nonviolent Communication
Jun 6 Jun 10 Tzeporah Berman & Clayton Thomas-Müller Creating a Climate for Change: Activist Training
Jul 18 Jul 22 Adam Wolpert Masterclass in Group Collaboration
Aug 5 Aug 10 Alina Frank & Craig Weiner Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1 & 2
Sep 16 Sep 19 Urszula Lipsztajn & Mike Rowlands Business Inside Out
Sep 23 Sep 28 Mark Lau & Andrea Grabovac Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Sustainable Futures

May 18 May 23 Kenton Zerbin  Tiny Homes 101
Aug 2  Aug 5 Hollyhock Founders + Friends
Aug 10 Aug 15 Heather Wolf Fermentation, Herbalism & Folk Wisdom
Sep 28 Oct 3 Carmen Spagnola & Ruben Anderson Ritual + Practice For The Urban Homestead


Visual Art

Jun 24 Jun 29 Paul Heussenstamm Mandalas: Art as a Spiritual Path
Jul 4 Jul 8 Charles Steinberg From Point-and-Shoot to Brilliant Photography
Sep 12 Sep 16 David McEown Watercolour as a Path to Awareness

Music & Sound

May 9 May 13 Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Creative Spirit Within
May 27  Jun 1 Shine Dreamtime Didjeridu
Jul 8  Jul 13 Kimo Hussey Joy of Ukulele
Jul 22 Jul 27 Morley Peace Building Through Music
Jul 27 Aug 1 Gordy & Zoe Ryan Song of the Drum, Dance of Life
Jul 27 Aug 1 Ysaye Barnwell Building a Vocal Community
Aug 15 Aug 20 Chloe Goodchild The Naked Voice Wisdom School
Aug 20 Aug 24 Siobhan Robinsong Singing for Change


May 18 May 23 Shaena Lambert Going Under the Words: Creating Fiction and Memoir
Jun 29 Jul 4 Ann Randolph Holy Sh*t: Writing the Sacred and Profane in Life
Sep 12 Sep 16 Janelle Hanchett Renegade Writing
Oct 12 Oct 17 Peter Behrens From Pitching to Pages: Writing for Film & Television

Mixed Media

Jul 4 Jul 8 Joshua Townshend-Zellner Improv Workshop: Your Creative Self – Unleashed!
Aug 24 Aug 29 Jen Moss & Jenni Schine The Story From Hear: A Place-Based Podcast Workshop
Aug 29 Sep 2 Kathleen Horne Dive in to Expressive Arts
Sep 7 Sep 12 Nick Neddo Wildcrafted Art Intensive

Pre-register by December 15th to receive 10% off meals & accommodations, and be guaranteed your favourite room!
Call 1-800-933-6339

Wisdom Teachings

Holistic Health

Jun 1 Jun 6 Catherine Roscoe Barr & Jenny Xenos Aligning Your Head and Heart: Neuroscience + The Desire Map
Aug 5 Aug 10 Bessel van der Kolk & Licia Sky Trauma, Body & the Brain
Sep 12 Sep 16 Lawrence Cheng & Devon Christie Whole Human Health: Functional Medicine 2.0
Oct 7 Oct 12 Ann Bradney Radical Aliveness
Oct 17 Oct 21 Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom Cell Level Healing: Wild Awakening for Health


Jun 10 Jun 15 JoAnne & Dyrian Chartrand Healing Power of Relational Constellations
Jul 4 Jul 8 Kathi & Chris Camilleri Indigenous Wisdom: Welcome Home to Your Village
Jul 19 Jul 22 Phillip Moore The Future of Children: Conscious Teaching
Jul 27 Aug 1 Jill Purce Healing Family & Ancestors – Ritual & Resonance
Aug 1 Aug 5 Alina Frank & Dr. Craig Weiner Earth Mate, Soul Mate
Aug 5 Aug 10 Robert Gass & Judith Ansara Sharing the Path: For Couples


Apr 25 May 9 Michele McDonald & Steven Smith Metta Vipassana
May 18 May 23 Fostering Resilience for Health Care Professionals Mark Lau and Andrea Grabovac
Jul 13 Jul 17 Padma Shyam Padma Meditation: Finding Freedom & Joy!
Oct 12 Oct 17 Robert Beatty Mindfulness Meditation

Spiritual Development

Jun 15 Jun 20 Mirabai Starr Spiritual Promiscuity and the Bodhisattva Path
Jun 24 Jun 29 Thomas Atum O’Kane Time of Transition
Jun 29 Jul 4 Thomas Atum O’Kane & Emmanuel O’Kane The Gift of Grace in Love, Life and Service
Jul 4 Jul 8 Catherine Pawasarat Awakening Through AstroDharma
Jul 8 Jul 13 Michael Roads From Illusion to Enlightment
Aug 24 Aug 28 Stephen Jenkinson Elderhood
Aug 1 Aug 5 Rupert, Merlin & Cosmo Sheldrake Science & Spiritual Practices

Plants & Animals

May 23 May 27 Rex Weyler & George Sirk Wild Cortes: Birds, Flowers + Poetry
Jun 6 Jun 9 Diana Beresford-Kroeger Forest Bathing and Sea Scrubbing
Jul 27 Aug 1 David Abram Falling Awake: The Ecology of Wonder
Aug 20 Aug 24 Amos Clifford Council of Waters and Trees
Sep 16 Sep 19 Oriane Lee Johnston & Kera Willis Equine Guided Learning: A Nature Retreat with Horses
Oct 17 Oct 21 Paul Stamets Wild Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness



May 13 May 18 Diane Bruni Yoga and Movement Research: Body, Feedback, Flow
Jun 15 Jun 20 Mara Branscombe Summer Solstice: Yoga, Ritual, Meditation
Sep 23 Sep 28 Danielle Hoogenboom & Dia Penning Yin Yoga and Social Justice
Oct 7 Oct 12 Loretta Laurin Finding Neutral: Pilates + Yoga for Centred Living


Jun 29 Jul 4 Margie Gillis Dancing From the Inside Out
Jul 13 Jul 18 Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz  Continuum Movement
Sep 2  Sep 7 Banafsheh Sayyad Dance of Oneness
Aug 10 Aug 15 Zoe & Gordy Ryan Dancing the 5 Elements

Energy & Somatics

Jul 19 Jul 22 Dr. Steven Aung Aung Medical Qi Gong & Intuition
Aug 20 Aug 24 Martha Peterson Move without Pain: Essential Somatics
Sep 16 Sep 19 Farah Nazarali & Jennifer Clarke Organs and Emotions
Sep 28 Oct 3 Bettina Rothe Leading Through the Body

Great Outdoors

May 9 May 13 Daniel Cortez The Wim Hof Method: Cold, Breath, Meditation
Jun 29 Jul 4 Michael Moore Sea Kayaking Adventures Aboard Misty Isles
Jul 8 Jul 13 Bill Ophoff Discover Cortes: Nature Adventures
Aug 10 Aug 15 Marilyn Arsenault Healthy Running with Mindful Strides
Aug 20 Aug 24 Amos Clifford Council of Waters and Trees