With your kind help we hope to acquire the following items. To make a donation for any of these items, please contact dana@hollyhock.ca.


Help us raise the remaining funds for a new greenhouse to protect our winter greens and nourish new sprouts in spring.

Guest Room Mirrors

Reflect upon your learning and enjoy the view! Each $100 provides a mirror upgrade for one room. We need 30.

Duvet Covers

Each $500 donation helps us acquire four new duvet covers for guest rooms. We need about 24.

Vacuum Cleaner

We need 5 new vacuums. Can you help us buy one, or more?


Help keep the Lodge toasty and warm, and our other wood stove accommodations well-stocked. And help us keep our trails clear.

Computer Workstations

New workstations will greatly improve our ability to process information more effectively. We need 12 over the next two years.

Digital Projector

Help us upgrade to a more energy efficient, higher output and flexible digital projector, used by nearly all of our presenters.

Vitamix XL Blender

Help us acquire this new kitchen workhorse. Soups, sauces, and that famous Hollyhock Yeast Dressing, blended to perfection.


temporary program space
Help our program participants enjoy the fresh air and shade of an outdoor program and gathering space.

Bodywork Studio Entrance

Sprucing up the entrance to better welcome guests to this oasis includes crushed natural stone, indigenous plants, a water fountain and more.

Light Boxes for Raven

Soften the industrial look of our current fixtures in this meeting room with locally designed light boxes.

Guest Transportation

Help guests around the property in an all-terrain electric vehicle. We already have the charging station.

Guest Services Van

Help guests ride safely and comfortably to and from ferries, floatplanes and water taxis.