At this exciting time, as Hollyhock approaches our 35th anniversary, we have the opportunity to propel the organization forward in our mission to nourish and support people making the world better. The Forever Fund has been created to ensure Hollyhock’s future and lasting legacy of empowering generational change-makers.

“To come together, in a beautiful, supportive setting, with a hundred people who are all passionate about making the world a better place is such a gift. To say it was inspiring would be an understatement. It was nothing short of life-changing.”
Swarn Leung, Inner Light Healing Arts, SCI 2014

The Forever Fund is in the final phase of a 3-phase, $10 million Capital Campaign to protect Hollyhock’s 44-acre, pristine ocean front campus forever.

Phase 1 of this Capital Campaign was completed in 2008, when the 45 Hollyhock Founders donated 100% of their private ownership to Nextwave Foundation. The value of that donation was $5.5 million with $2.1 million of remaining debt. Fundraising for Phase 2 of the capital campaign was recently completed with just over $2 million raised from private donations towards the reduction of mortgage debt and the establishment of a protective area and legal protective covenant to keep the land fully intact.

The focus of the Forever Fund has now turned to raise the $4.1 million Phase 3 of the Capital Campaign.

Phase 3 focuses on the future of Hollyhock including:

  • Improving the campus for future generations;
  • Program development including high impact conferences and programs to support change makers;
  • Scholarships: investing in accessibility to build greater inclusion and diversity.

It’s time to secure Hollyhock’s future. Coming generations need the unique, sacred setting and the history of Hollyhock as a source of learning, reflection and development. Please join us.

HH Pie Chart July 14 2016

If you wish to discuss your participation, please contact