Annual Donors to Hollyhock provide a foundation of support on which the organization can depend, contributing close to half a million dollars in support of Hollyhock’s operations every year. This support is allocated directly to:

Program Development

Expanding and deepening Hollyhock’s learning and leadership curriculum.


Financial accessibility changes lives. Support youth, elders, professionals, teachers, emerging leaders, students, healers, artists and others who need your help to afford the full cost of attendance. The ripple effect is infinite. Your impact stories.

Campus Sustainability

Maintaining the breathtaking setting that nourishes and inspires Hollyhock visitors. Our 2016 wish list.

“The lifelong learning and dynamic relationships that grow from the seeds planted at Hollyhock are invaluable. I am able to do the work that I do because of the community of change-makers that annually make the journey to Cortes to learn from each other. Each conference I have attended has created a dynamic peer learning environment, which continues throughout the year through on-going mentorship and support.”
-Sara Dent, Social Venture Institute


Donations of all amounts are gratefully accepted, and a tax receipt is offered for the full amount of donations* over $20. The following levels of support include increased recognition:

$250                       Garden

$1000                     Orchard

$5000                     Raven

$10000                   Kiakum

$25,000                 Sanctuary

Join our high-impact monthly donor circle and keep connected to Hollyhock long-term.

Gifts of $25 or $50 per month can make a real difference. $100 – $1,000 per month will provide tremendous tools for transformation.

Monthly donors receive recognition in our annual print and online catalogue. Please note that for monthly donations, tax receipts are are available for Canadian Tax Payers only.